The Reasons for Proposed Gun Control

The currently proposed gun control laws are based on this assumption: Because a few people use guns for crime and murder, in a few tragic cases people decide they no longer want to live and choose guns to end their lives, a few people have accidents with guns or store them unsafely - then the prescribed solution is to register every gun, at enormous costs, prohibit and destroy millions of dollars worth of valuable private property, and encumber every law abiding gun owner in Canada with enough laws and regulations and expenses that they can no longer keep their guns. How anyone who has studied law and justice could have conceived such a plan is hard to believe. Because Mr. Rock is of the law profession we must then presume that he has a vindictive, personal grudge against all gun owners, and a total lack of regard for democratic principles, and the right of ownership of private property. There are over seven million law abiding gun owners in Canada, (who are also tax payers and voters), that Mr. Rock intends to classify as criminals. Therefore, we who are one quarter of the population of Canada must make these people, who we have elected, understand that the proposed gun laws which do not represent justice, but reek of injustice, will not be tolerated.

Anyone who really wants to know if gun registration and gun control have ever worked to anyone's benefit, anywhere, need only to read a small book titled The Canadian Firearm Control Debate. This is presented by the Shooting Organizations of Canada, and contains documentation of world-wide results of gun control, and quotations from the research done by university professors and expert criminologists. There is also a great amount of data from Canada Department of Statistics. There is nothing in that book to indicate that gun control, as practised in Canada since the 1930's, has ever accomplished anything of value.

The problem we have here, and in many other places around the world is insidious creeping liberalism. This has brought us to a point where nothing is clearly right or wrong anymore, but just a matter of opinion. So now being drunk or on drugs is a legitimate defence when charged with a crime, it is legal for abortionists to kill 100,000 babies every year. Gays and lesbians are being elevated to a special status group. A teenager can kill his parents with an axe and suffer little or no punishment. People who commit senseless murder may be out on the street in four or five years. The same "liberal thinking" says that the law abiding citizens of Canada have absolutely no right to ownership of guns, and must not even think of defending themselves against armed robbery, physical assault, or threat of death.

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