Bureaucracy at Work

One of the worst examples of bureaucratic bungling of gun control is this: the .32 CAL handgun is to be declared a prohibited weapon, to be seized and destroyed by police by means of the grandfather rule. Does this mean the 'gun control' people believe it is better to be shot by a .38 or a .45 handgun? I don't believe that the thinking of anti-gun people is that bad. So what is the reason for this fiasco? SIMPLE - This year you declare the .32 CAL prohibited, next year prohibit the .38 CAL, then the .44 CAL, and presto, no more guns.

If you confiscate and destroy all .32 hand guns, you will include some of the finest guns of the antique category. For example, the 1879 Smith & Wesson .32 revolving rifle, the 1873 Colt S.A. frontier, and the 1885 Colt Bisley revolver. These guns are worth $2500 for very good standard models and may be $25 000.00 or more for presentation and engraved models. Jesse James owned a Smith & Wesson Model 3 S.A. revolver which may have been a .32 cal, and if in a collection in Canada would be seized and destroyed, even though it may be worth $100,000. Now if you destroy these valuable historical collectors guns, how will that prevent drug dealers from killing each other in Montreal, or a despondent person from ending his life? The "grand-father rule" facilitates this destruction of guns. This means that although they are prohibited guns, the owner will be allowed to keep them as long as he lives, but upon his death the police confiscate the guns and destroy them whether they are worth $100 or a million dollars.

In many cases these guns represent a mans life savings and by the new gun laws, both he and his family will be deprived of the benefits of his investment. This is no hypothetical scenario. This law has already accomplished the destruction of many semi-auto and fully automatic arms that were the possessions of law abiding respectable citizens. In 1994 there have been at least two cases where police have confiscated very valuable private collections, because the owners had not dotted every I and crossed every T, and jumped through every hoop prescribed by the last batch of gun laws, and this is supposed to control crime - only in Canada eh!

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