The Blind Leading the Indifferent

In the current gun control debate, there is one overriding point that is being missed by both sides. THAT IS - if you register every gun in Canada, or prohibit the possession of some guns, or even confiscate all guns in Canada, will that mean that armed robbery, murder and suicide will disappear? Absolutely never, the criminals will still have guns, the rest of us won't, and crime will go on as before, and may very well increase. The great majority of violent crime is done with weapons that are not guns. The gun control movement is a witch hunt promoted by a small obstreperous group of people, who don't know the truth and refuse to learn.

Senator McCarthy embarked on his infamous witch hunt of communism in U.S.A. in the 1950's and caused irreparable and tragic damage to individuals and the nation before he was exposed as a liar and a fraud. The great Canadian "gun witch hunt" is another variety of McCarthyism and deserves the same fate.

It is a sad state of affairs to find that in Canada the Federal government has always placed seven or eight million law abiding gun owners in the same category as criminals and murderers. It is evens sadder to find that in this so called democracy, that gun owners have now put criminals and the federal government in the same category. We have as much to fear from one group as the other. The only difference is criminals will only steal our property, the government intends to steal and destroy it. Anti gun people say we have nothing to fear from the harmless little gun laws promoted by the minister of justice. Like hell we don't.

Robert Benzie of the Toronto Sun recently wrote, quote: "These pathetic folks whose passion for possessing blatantly phallic killing machines must stem from some perceived sexual inadequacy, are whining these days because the federal government wants to ban some weapons and register others." Can he really be referring to the seven million law abiding citizens of Canada who also happen to be gun owners? They include police officers, professional people, members of the clergy, and just plain decent people. This is typical of the Canadian press. They are totally ignorant of who the gun owners of Canada are, and assume the right to bad-mouth every gun owner in Canada because of what a few demented individuals have done with guns. The legitimate gun owners of Canada have always been on the side of the law and order and refuse to bear the responsibility for the failure of our legal system to control criminals.

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