Hypocrisy Supreme

It was announced recently on TV that there were eighteen murders in Calgary in 1994, six done with guns. I have to wonder what plans justice minister Rock has to register or confiscate the other twelve items used in the murders. Registration, says Mr. Rock, is guaranteed to terminate murder, suicide and violent crime, so then we better get busy and register all the other items of mayhem. When guns are used in crime they are referred to (right down from Dad's custom built engraved shot gun, to juniors .22 cal gopher gun) as Heinous, nefarious instruments of death. There is never any mention of the "horrible" kitchen knives, screw drivers, baseball bats, axes and staple guns used to commit the other murders. This adds further proof, (if we needed any), that the anti gun people are a bunch of phony, insidious frauds on a personal power trip. Ms. Wendy Cukier of the "coalition for gun control" has been spewing out distorted, misleading and in some cases flat out lies about the horrors of gun misuse. What is worse is, most news papers in Canada with humble subservience print her misinformation and refuse to print the information that is sent to them that refutes her "politically correct" rubbish.

Anti gun people say that U.S.A. has the highest homicide rate in the world. Of 28 major countries, the eight worst are Sri Lanka, Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico, Venezuela, Bermuda, USSR, and Dominion Republic, in that order. Of the better nations, Germany, Norway, Britain, and Switzerland have the lowest homicide rate with Canada ninth and U.S.A. twentieth. Mexico has 2.5 time the homicide rate of U.S.A.

Is there a "powerful pro-gun lobby" in Canada? There are no major firearm manufacturers in this country, only importers, yet the CGC constantly repeats an erroneous claim that the shooting organizations in Canada have "...at least a dozen paid lobbyists" working on behalf of "pro-gun" groups. The official government Lobby Registry lists only four who could be considered attached to firearm interests, and only two representing major recreational organizations. The list also includes the professional lobbyist representing the Coalition for Gun Control.

MR. ROCK says he "sincerely believes" that his proposed gun control will be of some benefit to Canada. GUN OWNERS of Canada "sincerely believe" that he should resign and pursue some other line of work.

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