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1988-91: 5.1% of violent crime involved fire arms.

1991: estimated total number of guns in Canada that were used in violent crime, 0.3%.

1991: 70% of men and 50% of women accused of homicide had records of alcohol or drug abuse.

1991: 2/3 of accused murderers had records of previous violent offences, and were already prohibited from owning guns.

1991: 67% of accused killers and 45% of victims had previous criminal records.

1991: 1 out of every 400 000 died from accidental shooting, while 1 out of 7500 people died in auto crashes.

1926-1992: 64% of all homicides and suicides DID NOT involve fire arms.

1970-91: 75% of gun deaths were suicide 15% homicides, and 10% accidental or shot by police.

1980-90: average yearly gun fatality total was 1300, with over 1000, or 80%, by suicide.

1974-86: 96% of sexual homicides DID NOT involve guns.

1988-91: total armed robberies was 280 906, 28% with guns.

1988-91: 5.1% of all violent crime involved guns.

1926-91: 68% of all suicides DID NOT involve guns.

1993: The auditor generals report to the House of Commons severely criticised the department of justice for introducing additional gun controls in 1991, while having no evidence that the 1977 gun laws provided any benefit at all.

1961-1990: hand guns were used in 0.7% of all homocides.

1991: a national Gallup poll found that 88% of people favoured more severe penalties for criminals, and 8% favoured more strict gun control.

1983: New Zealand abolished its total gun registration (on advice from their police) after it was determined to be useless in crime control.

1994: The estimated cost of registering every gun in Canada is 2 billion dollars.

1994: The "Coalition For Gun Control" has not been able to cite a single piece of documentation to prove that total registration or prohibition of guns has resulted in a decrease in crime or gun fatalities anywhere.

1994: Washington D.C. and New York State have the toughest gun laws in U.S.A. (more strict than in Canada), and have the highest crime and homicide rate in U.S.A.

1994: Switzerland, population 6 million, has 2 million fire arms including 600 000 assault rifles and 500 000 hand guns and has the lowest homicide rate in the world.

1994: In Japan, fire arms are prohibited but the homicide rate is 2.3 times as high as it is for Japanese Americans.

1989-92: there were 93 domestic homicides in Canada.

Mr. Rock says that every 6 days a woman is killed by her husband.

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