Since gun control laws were first implemented in the 1930's, the government has always considered the legitimate gun owners of Canada to be in the same category as common criminals. This is the exact opposite of the truth as statistics will prove.

Therefore, at this time when "coalition for gun control" and the government are planning a further coalition of persecution of law-abiding gun owners, we are asking that the following changes be implemented;

  1. That there be no prohibition of the ownership of hand guns, and no universal registration of all fire arms in Canada.
  2. No police force shall have the right to enter a private dwelling or a gun store to search for anything that they consider unsafe or illegal, without obtaining a warrant from the courts, having first presented solid evidence that there is legal cause to justify the search.
  3. That the anti-gun laws of the last twenty years be modified as follows:

New gun laws need to serve three purposes; to ensure the public safety, to safeguard the rights of the law abiding gun owners, and to severely curtail the actions of the small minority of people who have no regard for the law or human life. The gun owners of Canada would give unqualified support to this kind of legislation.

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