It is bad enough that we have a Prime Minister of Canada that is unable to speak English (the language of Canada) as well as the average Russian hockey player. But now he is referring to the Reform party of Canada (who will replace him) as "DA TURD PARTY". But I suppose we should forgive him for his shabby conduct when we consider that he is a member of "DA STINK'D SOCIETY".

At the constitutional challenge to bill C-68 gun control in Edmonton, Clayton Ruby (a civil liberties lawyer) stated that "all guns by their very nature are evil". Having said this deliberate distortion of truth, then it would be just as fair to say that all Lawyers by their very nature are evil!

Guns, like hammers, axes, knives and baseball bats are not threat to anyone's safety until some person decides to use them to commit a crime. Therefore it would be just as sensible to register all of the above items along with many more, because they have the potential to be used in crime.

Less than a third of violent crime is done with guns. Then why are guns singled out as the only threat to public safety? It will cost the people of Canada about $100. per item to register the twenty million guns in Canada. That's two billion dollars that could have been spent on real crime control.

The "Council of Women's Shelters of Alberta" also argues at the hearing, that Bill C-68 is necessary to prevent men from killing wives, ex-wives and girl friends, and registration of guns will make such crimes impossible. They are dreaming. It is abundantly clear that men don't have to use a gun to commit murder, and the kind of people that kill are certainly not liable to register guns. All that our justice department has to offer now to protect women whose lives are in danger, is their idiotic "restraining orders", which serve only one purpose - to put a few hundred dollars in Lawyers pockets. The only thing that will prevent these mentally warped people from killing wives etc. is a law that guarantees that they will be executed for their crimes.

As long as we have a government that hates gun owners, and works hard at guaranteeing the safety and rights of murderers, and guarantees their early parole from prison then there is no hope of ever seeing criminal violence diminish in Canada.

Bill C-68 "gun Control" is a violation of the Canadian Constitution, and a violation of the rights to private ownership of property, and a piece of political fraud that was designed to garner votes from people who have been duped into believing that it is crime-control.

Catherine Ford has recently written in her column in the Herald (again) that gun registration is just plain common sense. Yeah, common sense! To a government that has put us another 110 billion dollars in debt in the last year, it would be common sense. It will cost $100 per gun to register the 20 million guns in Canada - Total cost of 2 billion dollars, and accomplish absolutely nothing. Canada and the USA have been passing gun laws since 1930 and crime continually increases. Criminals don't register guns and have never obeyed existing laws, so there is no reason to think they will comply with new ones.

The great "gun control" assault against the legitimate gun owners of Canada is just plain political fraud. They are (again) hoping to buy people's votes with voters' own tax money. This gun control witch-hunt is identical to Senator Joe McCarthy's fraudulent war against communists in the 1950's, and the motivation just as sleazy. The Liberal's Bill C-68 was designed to elevate the image of some very small politicians who live in a province that does not even want to be a part of Canada. It has nothing to do with crime control. The government does not believe in controlling criminals, and is constantly working at safeguarding their rights.


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