I am amazed at the responses to George Gruenefeld's article on the Chilliwac air-rifle fiasco. If six fully trained experienced policemen cannot tell an air operated pellet-gun from a real fire-arm, then we are in big trouble. All they had to do was say "Sir, we would like to check that gun you are carrying" and the problem would have been solved without incident. The man was obviously not conducting himself in a menacing manner. A boy should not have to grow up avoiding police because he is afraid of bullying tactics for no valid reason.

This case brings to mind the actions of police swat-teams sent to the home of Ray Korpus in Regina and Marstar (Jean St. Amour) in Ontario. Military style swat-teams were sent out with automatic arms to arrest Ray Korpus and terrorize his family, and jail him regarding a matter that could have been settled by having him come into their office. He was not a criminal... he was a respected, serious gun collector known to them for thirty years.

Again, Marstar's business premises were invaded by a swat team of about 30 men with automatic arms and battering ram, for the purpose of inspecting his records for violations of import regulations. After a complete trashing of his records and f ling system and a year of harassment, he was never charged with any violation of law. Swat teams collectively have the same mentality as attack-trained Doberman-Pinchers, as was proven at Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge, Idaho.

I am proud to say that some of the finest people I have known have been policemenyboth city and R.C.M.P. I have the greatest respect for them as police officers and as people. However, the Liberals grand plan for gun control necessitates driving a wedge between police and gun owners, thereby destroying the mutual trust and respect that has always existed.

Therefore, we must all work harder at maintaining this relationship, and not let it be destroyed by inappropriate police action or indiscriminate complaining about the work being done by police.

Canadians have always been too willing to put up with bullying tactics from Ottawa (including gun owners who are being set up for the biggest shaft since confederation) and then rationalize it by saying "well I suppose they meant well".

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