I have had gun owners tell me that they refuse to join the N.F.A. or support it, because they don't like the people who are in charge of running it. That is like saying that we should scrap the R.C.M.P. because we don't like the colour of their uniforms.

We have dedicated people like Dave Tomlinson and Ray Laycock (and many others) who have been working most of their lives to preserve a very important part ot democracy... the right to own fire arms for our own private, peaceful use. Our government says that we have no such right, and has decreed that anyone who disagrees is now a criminal.

If anyone has any doubts about the integrity and ability of Dave Tomlinson, they need only to read his "muzzle blast" in the January issue of "Western Sportsman". This article indicates (like all of them he writes) that he has the clearest understanding of the political, legal and technical aspects of Liberal "gun control" of anyone in Canada. If the government had relied on Dave alone, for expertise in drafting a new fire-arm regulation bill, they would not have created their existing night-mare of tangled, offensive, legal gibberish, that has set us back 100 years as a democratic nation.

If all you people out there who can't bear to part with the $30 membership, or disagree with some parts of the N.F.A. policy, are able (in the next few years) to keep the guns you own, and/or stay out ofjail, it will be mainly because of the dedication and hard work of Dave Tomlinson and the N.F.A.

All you people out there that think (especially those from Manitoba east, that are obviously slow learners) that "the nice Liberals are, after all, just nice Canadians"... think again. They will seize your guns for destruction, and throw you in jail (as fast as a Manitoba wheat-farmer) and think that they deserve a medal for doing it.

You don't need a crystal ball to predict the future... just take a look at Australia and England, and you will clearly see what is coming.

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