I would like to correct the misconception that gun owners "love weapons". Weapons consist of knives, machetes, axes, tire-irons, base-ball bats, some times guns or any other object that some one has decided to use in assaulting others. Since I have no desire to assault anyone, I have no love for weapons.

I do take great pleasure in ownership and use of a fine quality firearms, and have never needed any Ottawa bureaucrat, or their tunnel visioned cronies to control me, so that I don't injure myself or others.

I also have a very strong love for the principles of democracy that have made Canada a good place to live. When the myopic, muddled minds of Ottawa decided to prohibit the ownership of guns and make it politically incorrect, or unfashionable, or financially prohibitive, they have followed the path as such illustrious leaders as Hitler and Stalin. Their objective is to establish every dictators dream---the gun free society. But if every gun in Canada is turned in for destruction, many millions of valuable property will be destroyed, and guess what--- criminals will still have guns, the rest of us won't, and the government will have guaranteed the safety of criminals.

It is not just a coincidence that the provinces from Ontario west, have contested the validity of Bill C-68 in court and have opted out of enforcing it. Working police-men will tell you that the tangled mess of gun laws are unenforceable, have no hope of reducing crime and are as futile as prohibition of liquor laws were 70 years ago.

The few remaining obstreperous promoters of gun control in Alberta have this in common---they have never read Bill C-17 or Bill C-68, and they have no idea how terrible they are, and are convinced that gun owners do not have the same rights to ownership of property that they take for granted. They say that the gun control thing is a "done deal" and if we don't like it, we should (like Saskatchewan grain farmers) start thinking about concentration camps.

However the Liberals only represent the province of Ontario, and have little or no support anywhere else in Canada. They will be replaced by people who have some respect for democracy.

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