If you want to keep grand-dad's .22 gopher gun as an heir-loom, here is what you will have to do under Bill C-68.

First...take a training course in the use of this gun and other hunting rifles and shot guns and hand guns. Then take a written and practical test, and if you pass, make an application to acquire a Federal Possessions Certificate. You will have to get a document signed by your doctor, lawyer, policeman or Indian Chief that they have known your for x number of years, and another from your ex-wife stating that you are not a violent person.

If it is found that you have shouted at your neighbor when his dog dumped on your lawn or that you got in a fight in 1947, then you will be refused because you will be considered a violent person! This will take 6 months to a year and will cost you $200.00 or more, then you make an application to register and pay another fee and wait.

Next you will have to obtain a theft-proof iron vault to store the gun in, which will cost $1,000 - $2,000. If you prefer not to do any of the above, and the police find the gun, they you will be prosecuted under Bill C-17 and Bill C-68, and can expect to get two years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

Allan Rock says that he "honestly believes" these regulations will control crime.

The difference between Brian Evan's and Allan Rock's points of view on gun control is this. The gun owners that Mr. Evans knows are hunters, farmers, gun collectors, and just plain decent people. The gun owners that Mr. Rock knows are imported drug dealers, back-alley thugs, smugglers, and psychopaths like Marc Lepine. Who, by the way, is not even a Canadian. So let Mr. Rock organize his thugs into 'study groups' or register and prohibit then as he sees fit, and leave the rest of the country alone.

Now that the prisoners in federal jails have voting rights, they will be lobbying Ottawa for extensions of their rights. There are rumours that their lobbying group - the Felonious Alliance of Restrained Thugs (F.A.R.T.s) are demanding that upon "early parole release" they have their guns returned to them. Really, how do you expect them to earn a living?

We have nothing to fear from this because Justice Minister Allan Rock has personally directed that they register their guns, and will be allowed only one bullet per gun, and must promise to store them carefully so that they won't be stolen by bad guys.

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