It was announced recently on T.V. that there were 18 murders in Calgary in 1994, six done with guns. I have to wonder what plans Justice Minister Rock has to register or confiscate the other 12 items used in the murders. Registration, says Mr. Rock, is guaranteed to terminate murder, suicide and violent crime, so then we better get busy and register all the other items of mayhem. When guns are used in crime they are referred to (right from Dad's custom built engraved shot gun, down to Juniors' .22 CAL gopher gun) as heinous, nefarious instruments of death. There is never any mention of the "horrible kitchen knives, screw-drivers, baseball bats, axes, and staple-guns" used to commit the other murders. This adds further proof (if we needed any), that the anti-gun people are a bunch of phony, insidious frauds on a personal power trip.

In their relentless assault against the gun owners of Canada, the Ottawa bureaucrats and their assorted do-gooder cronies (like Cukier and Ford) have been unable to comprehend a basic fact. That is - people kill people, not guns. Guns are only used in about 30% of violent crime. If you register every gun in Canada or prohibit and confiscate them (which is exactly what they plan to do), how can anyone possibly believe that crime and murder and suicide will then disappear? Our bankrupt federal government is determined to spend two billion dollars registering all guns - but if you are shot be a registered or unregistered gun, the results are pretty much the same.

No one needs a gun to commit murder or suicide or other acts of violence - the majority of these acts are done with weapons that are not guns. If there were no guns, they would use knives, baseball bats, tire irons and even cars to commit mayhem. If we register all these things, will that render them harmless?

Catherine Ford has written that Dennis Lorte, Marc Lepine, and other misfits of society that have committed insane acts of violence in recent years, are just plain normal examples of law abiding gun owners. Nothing could be further from the truth. That would indicate that she knows absolutely nothing about the people that she is constantly abusing in her columns. These murderers are psychos and mentally twisted people, just waiting for a reason to explode into violence with or without guns. Many have been released from jail by our feeble-minded parole system who are therefore responsible for a lot of it. Better screening of registered gun applicants many have prevented the tragedies (with guns) at Dunblane Scotland or Vernon B.C., but then they would have resorted to bombs, poison or who knows what.

The protection of women from rapists and stalkers and killers of ex-wives and girlfriends etc. is becoming an issue of paramount importance. All our justice dept has to offer women who live in terror of these mentally warped predators is their utterly worthless "restraining orders". But they do put a few hundred more bucks in the pockets of lawyers, so they must be good. Ottawa bureaucrats have hood winked the public into believing that "gun control" is crime control. It absolutely is not! There are only about 300 deaths (accidental and homicide) in Canada per year involving fire-arms - one of the lowest causes of death. Obviously, there is no gun control problem - it was invented by devious lawyers who live in a province that does not even want to part of Canada.

The "John Howard's" and other assorted do-gooders say that capital punishment is not a deterrent to murder. How do they know that? Has anyone ever reported to the police that they had decided not to commit murder because of the threat of capital punishment? If these warped individuals, who place no value on human life, were guaranteed by law the same fate that they inflict on their victims, they might very well re-consider the benefits of murder. This change in the benevolent attitude toward deliberate murderers by our lawyer dominated federal government, would prevent more murders than any gun laws can ever hope to.

It is the policy of the federal government, that because some people use guns in criminal acts, then all gun owners must be criminals and treated as such. This is the policy that the seven million gun owners of Canada have declared intolerable, and is being contested in court by all provinces from Ontario West. When sane and useful regulations regarding the use and storage of fire-arms, drafted by people who actually know something about the subject have been put in place, they will receive the full support of all gun owners.

If all you have to do to prevent crime is to pass a law against it, then obviously there wouldn't be any crime now. We have plenty of "law" now - what we need is "justice' - a concept that the Liberal and P.Q. dominated parliament of Canada does not comprehend.

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