Recently in Calgary, a CKMX radio news caster be-moaned the fact that most Americans don't know where Toronto is and have never heard of Calgary; and that they tolerate 10,000 deaths per year caused by firearms.

Canada has 1300 deaths per year caused by guns (1000 which are suicides), but has only a little more than one tenth the population. Therefore, with USA's gun death rate at 3.57 per 100,000, and our rate at 4.33 per 100,000, we have little to brag about.

USA also tolerates hundred of thousands of deaths from cigarettes and booze and from illegal drugs and abortions. So does Canada. Both countries have been passing gun control laws for the last 70 years, none of which has ever reduced gun-deaths. Laws have never been able to prevent people from living like fools. Only a drastic increase in the average level of human intelligence can accomplish that. Don't hold your breath!

Jean Cretien has promised us "jobs, jobs, jobs". He has done it - he has established the magnificent "Canadian Firearms Center" to promote every dictator's dream - the gun free society.

This will employ hundreds if not thousands of bureaucrats across Canada (providing that they are French speaking Liberals). This federal government "of the lawyers, by the lawyers, for the lawyers" will guarantee full employment for lawyers - as fast as the universities can spew them out. They will be kept busy to eternity either prosecuting or defending farmers for having the audacity to sell their grain on the open market, instead of through the government dictatorship. The big bonanza for lawyers will be the prosecuting or defending of the legal gun owners of Canada, who have all been designated as criminals (under Bill C-68) for doing exactly what they might expect to do (in a democracy) since confederation. So, yes (this time) Cretien was not lying - he has created a wonderful new field of employment. I'm so proud!

Statistics Canada fatality figures for 1994 indicate the following causes of death - 58,311 Cancer, 18,342 respiratory, 3188 automobile, 3463 drug and alcohol abues, 2774 non-firearm suicide, 2347 by falls and 212 surgical mis-adventures (no figures issued on snowmobile or farm and industrial accidents) and 234 accidental and homicide by fire-arms, including 42 women.

If a presumably intelligent person is elected as an M.P. to legislate and serve Canada in the best manner possible would he or she then proceed to spend two billion dollars on an anti-gun campaign, to try to prevent 234 gun deaths while ignoring the other enormous causes of fatalities? Apparently our M.P.'s believe that lives lost by drug, booze and cigarette abuse, or cancer, or automobile, snowmobile, farm and industrial accidents are of no consequence, but pursuing their blind assault on gun ownership is of the utmost importance.

So now we have come full circle with Pierre Trudeaus' "Just Society". Recently a "Liberal Appointed" Judge decreed that prisoners serving sentences in Federal Prisons do not have enough rights, and must be given the right to vote in Federal elections. Can you guess who they will vote for? I'm sure that the Liberal M.P.'s across Canada must be very proud to know that they will have the full support of murderers, drug dealers, pedophiles, rapists and armed robbers.

These are the same Liberals who have decreed that people have no right to defend themselves against attack by the above group, who now have voting rights. Anyone using a gun to defend their lives against criminal attack, or even pointing an unloaded gun, will be charged with an offence under the criminal code. Any honest (non criminal) person who should be so devious and treacherous, as to have an un-registered fire arm in his possession, may receive a sentence of two to five years in jail. I don't know yet if that will include voting rights, but in the best interest of the "Just Society" concept I would say likely not.

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