Who said this - "This year will go down in history. For the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future." If you say Allen Rock, you would be very close. Actually it was Adolph Hitler in 1935.

What country refused to accept a single Jewish refugee from Germany from World War II? USSR maybe? Actually it was Canada under the leadership of the illustrious Liberal prime-minister, MacKenzie King. Do you get the picture?

And right after "gun control" guess what comes next. That's right - censorship of the press. The newspapers of Canada (many of whom have been heroically defending Allen Rock's assault on democracy) may very soon find the "Canadian Gestapo" sitting in their offices, telling them what they can print. It can't happen in Canada you say? And the recent "Conservative" government wouldn't pass their "Gag Law" would they? Have you ever wondered what Canada is going to do with the 45 000 civil servants that they plan to eliminate, but their union says can't be fired? Why re-hire them, of course to administer gun registration. Only in Canada, eh?

Recently in Calgary, a man left his car running and went into a store to make a purchase. A thief jumped in his unlocked car and drove away at a high rate of speed, crashed the car and was killed. Fortunately this time there was no loss of life by other innocent victims of this crime.

The car owner will not only not be charged with criminal negligence, he will not even be reprimanded. Now consider this - a man leaves a rifle in a closet or gun cabinet, and leaves his locked home for a short time. A thief breaks in and steals his rifle while he is away. When apprehended by police, they make a deal with the thief to have him testify that the rifle was not stored so that it was impossible to steal it. The gun owner has no legal defence against the criminal code charges laid under Bill C-17. He will be found guilty and will receive a penalty of two years in jail, plus a heavy fine. The thief will have plea-bargained away most of his sentence. Isn't it amazing what the great legal minds of the justice department can come up with.

Under provisions of Bill C-68, anyone convicted of a felony using a firearm will receive an extra sentence of four years for the use of a gun in the crime. However if you commit the same crime, using an axe, baseball bat, knife or even a car, there will be no extra jail sentence for using these nicer weapons. Apparently the wise law makers in Ottawa believe that being assaulted or killed with these non firearms weapons is no big deal, but with a gun - now that is down right scary and the perpetrator must serve an extra four years in jail, watching color TV and waiting for this turn at early parole.

Ms. Linda Goyette says (Calgary Herald, Jan. 18) that we must register all guns so that husbands will no longer get boozed up while watching "Unforgiven" on a Saturday night and shoot up their wives. She would like us to believe that this is a common occurrence. Statistics Canada says that 70% of men and 50% of women accused of homicide had records of alcohol or drug abuse, and 67% of murderers and 45% of victims had previous criminal records. If you register or destroy every last gun in Canada, these people will still continue to abuse and kill each other. When did the registration of cars ever stop people like our over protected 'young offenders' from stealing cars and killing people in bunches, or drunk drivers from killing innocent people, as well as themselves?

If you are shot with a registered or unregistered gun, the results are pretty much the same, and criminals don't register guns!

Ms. Goyette says polls show that 72% of Albertans favour more gun control. A 1991 National Gallup Poll found that 88% of people wanted tougher penalties for criminals, and 8% favoured stricter gun control! She seems oblivious to the fact that we now have very strict laws controlling the use, storage, and conveyance of guns, enforced by the threat of jail sentences that exceed what criminals get for the use of guns in crime. Ms. Goyette believes, like Mr. Rock, that if someone steals a gun, then the legal owner of the gun should be charged with a criminal code offence because his gun was stolen. How would people like this same rule applied to cars, which by the way, kill fifteen times as many people as guns, in an average year.

She is also oblivious to the fact that we, who have 'surrendered common sense to paranoia' have already had a great amount of valuable property confiscated and destroyed. And with Allan Rock's new laws, he can and intends to systematically confiscate and destroy every gun in Canada. The exact same system that was used by Adolf Hitler in the 1930's. And when he is finished there will still be violent crime, suicide, and murder. Criminals will still have guns, while the rest of us won't, and he will have spent at least two billion dollars accomplishing this great piece of work. But Ms. Goyette will not have to keep such a close watch on her husband on Saturday night, so I suppose it's all worth while.

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