Regarding the recent "Gun Control" poll taken in Alberta: People like Wendy Cukier, Catherine Ford and Linda Goyette, have made it perfectly clear that they donít care whose rights are violated as long as it isnít theirs. The Alberta poll indicated the 80% of women and about 50% of men agreed with them and support more gun control. This clearly indicates the these people, unless they are directly involved, have no idea what the "gun control" is all about. They believe that gun control is crime control, which it absolutely is not. Mr. Rockís gun control package is this Ö he will register every gun in Canada, and then, one segment at a time prohibit, and then confiscate and destroy all guns. This has been going on for a number of years, and his new laws will accelerate it. This will be done, he says, so that dad will no longer be able to get boozed up Saturday night and shoot mom, and a despondent person will not be able to end his life with a gun but will find a more acceptable method. Other than that, crime and homicide will go on as before and criminals will still have guns.

His justice dept. will still put murderers back out on the street in five years or less, release sex offenders, child molesters, rape artists, and psychopaths, without any regard for the safety of the public. He will impose penalties for anyone who has a gun stolen, more severe than what the thief would get. Our justice system is a joke, and Canada has become a haven for criminals.

The gun owners of Canada, (whom 80% of women think canít be trusted with a fire-arm), would like this for the women of CanadaÖ that they never again will have to look for the mutilated body of a daughter abandoned in a ditch, or find the molested body of a five year old girl in a garbage container, or have a group of their kids massacred by some reprehensible slime for entertainment, or find drug dealers selling their poison to their kids in the school yard.

If we had laws to control these people, then Melanie and Leilani, and Dilleen and Punky and Mindy would still be alive. Mr. Rock has no intention of giving us this kind of law---- He is too busy controlling guns. Our current batch of law makers are great at making laws, but they have forgotten that laws are supposed to represent justice. Our feeble minded parole board and immigration departments are responsible for more deaths than guns.

In the 1950ís in U.S.A. Senator Joe McCarthy embarked on his infamous witch hunt of Communists, and did irreparable damage to individuals, and the nation, before he was exposed as a liar and a fraud. Mr. Rockís "witch hunt" against guns deserves the same fate.

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