Dear Sirs:

Prince Philip recently made a statement that is obvious to most everyone except politicians - "You might as well register cricket bats as fire-arms". The only people that will register are the people who are never any part of the crime problem. The psychos that commit crimes will always get illegal unregistered guns anyway, and failing that, will find worse methods to commit mayhem. Take a look at Ireland!

Regarding Geoff Taylorís column on "gun control". Geoff, like too many other columnists has never read Bill C-68. The pro gun control people all have several things in common Ė they have not read the bill, they do not believe that gun owners have the same rights, that they take for granted, and choose to ignore the fact that Rockís proposed laws have only been successful when used by people like Hitler and Stalin, in establishing their dictatorships. The support for gun control by the "man on the street" polls, is just plain fraud. Most people polled do not own guns, do not know the existing law, have no idea what is in Bill C-68, and have been lead to believe that gun control is crime control, which it absolutely is not. Our feeble minded immigration dept. and parole board are responsible for more deaths than guns.

In the first place, we donít have a gun problem in Canada. Excluding suicides there are less than 300 gun related deaths per year, as compared to 4000 by cars, 18 000 alcohol related and 35 000 cigarette related deaths. The gun control witch-hunt is identical to the communist witch-hunt by Senator Joe McCarty in USA in the 1950ís, and the motivation just as sleezy.

Now demented "womenís libbers" like the ones that run the "Coalition For Gun Control" and quite a few who write newspaper articles are calling fire arms owners perverts who equate gun ownership with masculinity and penis sizes. The seven million gun owners of Canada whom the federal government and 80% of women polled, think canít be trusted with a gun, will be in the fore-front defending Canada against military aggression, if need be while the political wimps of Ottawa and their assortment of do-gooder cronies will be hiding.

Isnít it remarkable that the states in USA that have the toughest gun control laws also have the highest crime and homicide rate, and Switzerland that has no gun control laws has the lowest crime and homicide rate in the world.

We have more "gun control" than we need now. What we need is a government that has the guts to implement crime control, and we have no hope of getting that from the people we have in Ottawa now.

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