In the Calgary Herald this month there was printed a quotation from Allan Rock -QUOTE- "You will be surprised to learn that the rate of Canadians killed by bullets is almost the same as Canadians killed in traffic accidents." STATISTICS CANADA says in 1990, 3957 people were killed in car accidents while 1324 people were killed by guns. Over 1000 of the gun deaths were suicides therefore, the guns were coincidental to the deaths and not the direct cause of them. Therefore car deaths at 4000 compared to gun deaths at 300, makes the foregoing statement completely false.

The Herald also quotes him as saying -QUOTE- "42% of Canadian women killed by their husbands were shot." This is also misleading because the total number of women shot by their husbands in any year is very small, and if guns had not been available, then the women would have been killed by other means. The guns are again coincidental and not the cause of the homicide. Rock also states that gun control is an important community health question. The shooting sports are the most accident free of all sports in Canada. At a time when health care costs go up every year, the hunting and shooting fraternities are still offering liability insurance of two million dollars to club members for $5.00 per year. At the same time motor vehicle accidents alone account for 762 000 hospital days per year. Automobiles, liquor and tobacco are responsible for 1000 times more deaths and hospital care than fire arms.

It is bad enough that the "coalition for gun control" has for years presented half truths, mis-truths, and deliberate lies to the Canadian people but when the minister of justice for Canada decides to employ the same tactics, then it is time that he should look for another line of employment.

The gun laws that exist now and the ones they propose are almost identical to what Adolph Hitler forced on Germany in the 1930's and they say we have nothing to fear from nice little gun laws; we had nothing to fear from Hitler either, right? There are over seven million gun owners in Canada and we all vote and we have very long memories. Think about it. This malicious attack on the seven million law abiding citizens who happen to be gun owners is a disgusting perversion of justice. What they are trying to do will not be forgotten for ten generations. If they can take the trouble to read the book "Observations on a one way street", which has been made available to M.P.'s, they will find enormous amounts of proof from all over the world that gun control world-wide is a fraud and a failure. At a time when the federal government is building up increasing billions of dollars of debt that it cannot repay, we cannot afford the additional folly of spending another two billion dollars to register every gun in Canada and accomplish nothing.

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