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AGNPAC, Complete Guide to, v2.0 - The most comprehensive publicly available document about the Alberta Government packet switched data network. [AGNPAC was allegedly replaced with Alberta SuperNet in 2005.] CYBØRG/ASM, 1999/05/30
AGNPAC NUA Directory v.o.3 - CYBØRG/ASM and The Clone, 1999/05
AT&T HRIDs and Privacy Protection - Using social engineering and a bit of hacking skills to glean AT&T HRID information. war, 2005/08/10
Cable Modem IP Hijacking in Win95/98 - Wildman, 1999/06
Canadian Packet Switching Networks - The Clone, 2004/04/15
Canadian Telenet (Sprintnet) dialups - 2000
Canadian University Dial-up List - The Clone, 2002/12/13
Datapac - Synapse 403, Phrack 44, 1993/11/17
Datapac, A Guide to - A Technical Information File for the Canadian Hacker. The Fixer, 1990/04/18
Datapac Dialups - 1997/06
Datapac Hacker 2.0 - Datapac NUA scanner. It is flaky sometimes but who cares... it's so fast. Pica Man, 1992/02/28
Datapac Hacker's Kit - Includes the Datascan NUA scanner and the Datacrack username/password dictionary attacker for windows. VB source code included. Aftermath, 2005/04/26
Datapac, Introduction to - A beginners guide to Canada's largest packet switching network. Deicide, 1993/05/08
Datapac NUA List, The Complete - Release 1.3. Deicide, 1993/10/23
Datapac OtherNet DNIC Codes - Prefixes used to connect to other networks from Datapac. 1998
Datapac PAD Alteration Information - Plajured by Pink Torpedo
Datapac Scan - A very large Datapac scan. Doktor Che, 2001/07/03
Datapac, Technical Guide to - NEW Dark Council, 1990
Datapac, The Basics to - Mister X, 1991/02/02
Datapac: What is it? - Bell Canada, 1998
dscan 0.2 - A new X.25 NUA scanner for Datapac. Unix C source included. Da Beave and jfalcon, 2005/11/14
Explanation of the @Home Network and Cable Modem @Home IP Stealing - Angel of Death, 1999/08/17
Guide to GANDALF XMUX's - Deicide, 1993
Globe Trotter 1 - An Australian e-zine about data network hacking. Includes some Datapac info. THE FORCE, 1988/01/01
Globe Trotter 2 - Includes Datapac outdials. THE FORCE, 1988/02/23
Globe Trotter 3 - Includes a partial Datapac NUA scan. THE FORCE, 1988/03/29
Globe Trotter 4 - Datapac NUA scan continued. THE FORCE, 1988/05/14
Globe Trotter 5 - Datapac NUA scan continued. THE FORCE, 1988/08/14
Globe Trotter 6 - Datapac NUA scan continued. THE FORCE, 1988/09/14
Hacking Mircom Technologies Telephone Access Systems - Ok, first of all, I don't think you're ready for this jelly. You want to gain unauthorized access to thousands of buildings? Access unlimited free long-distance calling? Cause super-sized chaos and anguish? And you want all of this in one convenient exploit!? Are you fucking insane!?!! Yeah, so are we. Now bow down and then hit the town with your new found fuck-around. The Clone, 2004/10/19
Hacking the Gandalf Starmaster - (also known as PACX or Access Server.) Deicide, 1993/05/22
How Classified DND Information Was Easily Compromised - Yikes. PsychoSpy, 2000
How to Configure Your aDSL Modem -or- The Instruction Book SASKTEL Doesn't Give - Kamikaze, 1999/12/19
How to piss off Telus with your ADSL Modem amongst other things - Sheppard, 2001/09/26
Inside Canada's Northern Telecom - Extracts from "Underground: Tales of Hacking, Madness and Obsession on the Electronic Frontier". (entire book) Suelette Dreyfus, 1997/06
International Scenes - Includes an overview of the Canadian scene in the early 90's. Phrack, Volume Four, Issue Forty-Three, File 26 of 27, 1993/07/01
More Ways to Get the Most Out of @Home - Hashvoodo, 1999/09/30
Neophyte's Guide to Hacking, The - Ethics, where to start, PSN's, system penetration, brute-forcing, social engineering, trashing, and more. Deicide, 1993/10/23
Nortel NetVenue Terminal, A Guide to the - Magma & The Clone, 2003/04/17
Owning Telus Internet Call Director - Phlux, 2000/09/09
Telus OCA IP Hijacking - Your Telus DSL account didn't come with enough IP's? No problem. eth0, 2001/02/19
Telus Posing Exploit - More Telus IP hijacking. theGonz, 2001/03/08
Trashing, The Art of - A how-to guide for one of the most useful tools in hacking today. Deicide, 1993
Using Juno's Free Internet Software, The Free Way - Bypass most of the annoyances that come with this free Internet service. itch, 2002/02/09
VAX/VMS Hacking, Beginners Guide to - ENTITY / Corrupt Computing Canada, 1989/09/12
WebServices @ Union Station: Toronto, An Overview of - Magma, p1asm1c, & shadow, 2003/02/02
What Shaw Don't Want You To Know - @HOME RF Concepts and modem information. slave, 2000/03/14



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