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40+ Years of the Electronic Playground - Our friend Alan tells an astonishing and fascinating tale of his adventures with radio and telecom technology in the Canadian prairies over the past 40 years. Alan, 2007/06/11
403 Amusement - Calaway Park - Phucking around at a crappy "amusement" park. Tray_Smee (phlux), 2001/08/14
American Military Begs Canadian Hackers to Commit Crimes for Them - The name says it all. This really happened. Plastik (aka "Pheno X"), CYBØRG/ASM, and SGT Kris Lenning (ho ho ho), 2005/11/18
Banking on Physical Firewalls - oz0n3, 2003/03/16
Buying Airtime on TV -and- Make Your Own TV Ad for Under $2,000 - A culture jammer's guide to reclaiming the TV airwaves. Adbusters.org
Canadian Government IP List - h410G3n, 2002/02/28
Canadian UFO Survey: 1990 : 1991 : 1992 : 1993 : 1994/1995 : 1996 : 1997 : 1998 : 1999 : 2000 : 2001 : 2002 : 2003 : 2004 : 2005 : 2006 : 2007 : 2008 - An analysis of UFO reports in Canada. Ufology Research of Manitoba (UFOROM), 1990-2008
CB Radio FAQ - Includes Canadian frequencies, legal use policies, and much more. John L. Wilkerson Jr., 1996/07/16
Cosmos 954 Satellite Crash - Soviet nuclear satellite crashes in Great Slave lake and blows its radioactive load in 1978. Only 0.1% of the radioactive material is recovered. UFO Phenomena in the North, 2002
Dildo, Newfoundland, Pic #1 : Pic #2 : Pic #3 - Allegedly the name originates from the town's earlier industry in the 19th century carving dildos from whalebone.
Edmonton Scanner Frequencies for Police, Emergency Response (Fire & EMS), and West Edmonton Mall - 2000/06/17
Employment Wanted - Former Marijuana Smuggler. Financial Post Classifieds, 2001/02/23
Fellatio Study - "Bonorarium" offered for participation in University of Toronto fellatio study. Heh. Financial Post Classifieds, 2001/05/09
Former Canadian Minister Of Defence Asks Canadian Parliament To Hold Hearings On Relations With Alien "Et" Civilizations - A former Canadian Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister under Pierre Trudeau has joined forces with three Non-governmental organizations to ask the Parliament of Canada to hold public hearings on Exopolitics -- relations with ETs. PRWEB, 2005/11/24
Handheld scanner police frequencies - Frequencies for the police departments of Ontario and others plus some fast-food restaurants. Colt45, 2002/08/21
Holy Empire of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, The - (Or: What is Canada For?) A cultural response to global political tyranny: agitating a democratic revival. Jesse Hirsh, 1997/09/01
How to insanely piss off ETS bus drivers - ha10g3n, 1999/08/08
How to Open a Permutation Lock - unlock, 2009/02/17
Legal Form: Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicle - Hack Canada
Man eats underwear to beat breathalyzer - DUI? Eat my shorts! D'arcy Rickard of The Advocate, 199?
National Research Council UFO files - Mark Kennedy, Ottawa Citizen, 1993/11/27
Old Freedoms and New Technologies: The Evolution of Community Networking - Jay Weston, 1994/11/26
Police Radio Frequencies - BLAST Vol. 1, Issue 1, 1994/04
Politically Correct Primer, A (Canadian Edition) - 1994/03/17
Pork. The one you love. - A message from the Saskatchewan Pork council. Check out that knowing look. We know who will be eating the sausage tonight. Sask Pork
Postering Public Space - Can DIY Poster Pirates Reclaim Your Downtown? Emily Pohl-Weary
Remotely Operating Airport Lighting Systems - PsychoSpy, 2000/08/11
Research for Radicals: A how-to manual for activists of all kinds - A Canadian guide that shows how to comprehensively and safely conduct research on the activities of private industry and the government. (PDF) Megan, 2000/05
SIN Permutations - Calculates all valid Social Insurance Numbers within a specified range. (PHP script) Daemon, 2005/12/05
Social Insurance Number Authentication - The most comprehensive publicly available document detailing the Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN). CYBØRG/ASM, 1995-2017
Spaceships that Conquer Gravity - Since 1953 the Canadian government's Project Magnet has been working on a Gravity-Defying Vehicle powered by Electromagnetic Forces. Michael Gladych, Mechanix Illustrated, 1957/07
Surrounded but Alone - Treephrog, 2003/05/08
Tinned Warmth - A short story. Gordon Chapman, 1993
Truth About Traffic, The - The role of those gray traffic-control cabinets. Dead Eye Dick, 2000/05/23
Why 7-11 Can Suck My Cock - CYBØRG/ASM, 2003/10/16
Wilbur B. Smith Memo - Canadian government memo which states that UFO's exist. Department of Transport, 1950/11/21
Young's Demonstrative Translation of Scientific Secrets; Or a Collection of Above 500 Useful Receipts on a Variety of Subjects - Explore "scientific secrets" from over 140 years ago. Daniel Young, Toronto, 1861



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