AT&T Canada's Elcotel Payphones
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The onslaught of deregulation in the telecom industry is having a positive impact on payphones. New payphones are popping up all over Alberta and elsewhere in Canada. I'm talking about those slick silver ones owned by AT&T Canada. They are the Elcotel CPC 9520C Smart Phone.

These phones are essentially COCOTS, in that billing is handled by the computer within the payphone itself as opposed to being handled by a CO. When you pick up the receiver you will hear a fake dialtone generated by the payphone, and when you dial, the fone records your keypresses and then handles the DTMF signalling itself, thereby restricting your interaction with the phone system.

Internal data tracking software records coin deposits and assists in detecting fraudulent use of the payphone. The electronic coin sensor prevents the use of foreign coins and slugs. They are self diagnostic and the built-in alarm signals Canada Payphone Corporation if the phone needs servicing. The built in card reader can handle pre-paid smart cards, commercial credit cards, and selected magnetic strip cards.

While this payphone shares many of the same features with the Nortel Millennium, there are a few notable differences between these payphones and the Centurions, Fortress Phones, and Millenniums favored by Telus and other Canadian telcos. Most importantly to the consumer, they only cost 25 cents for a local call. Telus recently raised their rate to 35 cents for a local call and has been approved to raise their rates as high as 50 cents if they want. I hope nobody ever drops a coin in a Telus payphone again! The Elcotel phones can also accept the two dollar coin.

An interesting difference for the hacker is the fact that you can actually call these payphones and get a carrier and connect. The phones are administered via control software (don't ask me for it), after connecting you are prompted for a PIN number. Once 'inside' every function of the phone can be altered, including the PIN and the rate tables! I have started compiling a list of these payphone's numbers here in Edmonton and elsewhere in Canada.


361-3407 [Esso Station, Douglas & Tolmie Intersection, Victoria]
370-4391 [Esso parking lot 1700 Hillside Ave, Victoria]
380-9569 [Esquimalt Inn: 856 Esquimalt Rd, Victoria]
472-3507 [Esso Station, Shelbourne & McKenzie Intersection, Victoria]


253-9876 [Dairy Queen: Elbow & Heritage Drive South, Calgary]
270-9846 [14th Street, 6th Ave NW, Calgary]


383-9048 [Betwen Berri Street & Henri Bourassa Boulevard beside Esso, Montreal]
496-0256 [Montreal]
496-0281 [Montreal]
496-0317 [Montreal]
496-0566 [Montreal]
593-1473 [Between Jean-Talon & Papineau Street beside Esso, Montreal]
593-6817 [Between Villeray & Papineau Street at Deli Plus, Montreal]
593-9841 [Between Villeray & Papineau Street at Deli Plus, Montreal]
844-0281 [Montreal]
850-5831 [Between Sauvé Street & Papineau beside Esso, Montreal]


624-6188 [Kitchener]
746-5474 [Kitchener]
748-1098 [Kitchener]
749-9462 [Kitchener]
749-9526 [Kitchener]
894-5919 [Kitchener]


215-0735 [2066 Commercial, Vancouver]
215-2121 [2787 Commercial, Vancouver]
215-2188 [2787 Commercial, Vancouver]
408-1457 [The Drink Nightclub: 398 Richards, Vancouver] 
434-0571 [C+T Food Market: Nanaimo/Kingsway, Vancouver]
437-8652 [Burnaby Christian Fellowship: 7325 Macpherson Ave, Vancouver]
437-9572 [Burnaby Christian Fellowship: 7325 Macpherson Ave, Vancouver]
602-0679 [616 Seymour, Vancouver]
602-0976 [616 Seymour, Vancouver]
605-0652 [Seymour Cambie Hotel: 515 Seymour Street, Vancouver]
605-0658 [Seymour Cambie Hotel: 515 Seymour Street, Vancouver]
605-0659 [Seymour Cambie Hotel: 515 Seymour Street, Vancouver]
638-1094 [2897 W.Broadway, Vancouver]
638-1160 [Vancouver]


742-1098 [George St. South (in front of Rent To Own), Peterborough]


576-0168 [Esso Torbay Rd., St. John's]
576-2230 [Esso Elizabeth Ave., St. John's]
738-8068 [Walmart, Stravanger Dr. (outside), St. John's]
738-8069 [Walmart, Stravanger Dr. (inside), St. John's]


420-9258 [Eaton's Centre: 10250 102 Ave, Edmonton]
420-9569 [Red Robin: 104 112 Street, Edmonton]
420-9649 [Edmonton]
444-9796 [182 Stony Plain Road, Clark's Restaurant, Edmonton]
444-9797 [182 Stony Plain Road, Clark's Restaurant, Edmonton]
444-9798 [182 Stony Plain Road, Clark's Restaurant, Edmonton]
447-9700 [Edmonton]
447-9860 [127 Street, 139 Ave, Edmonton]
463-6601 [Southside, Edmonton]
471-9837 [Edmonton]
471-9845 [New York Steak-House: 101 118 Ave, Edmonton] 
482-9047 [Edmonton]
482-9963 [124 101 Ave, Edmonton]
483-9747 [Edmonton]
484-8140 [142 105 Street, Edmonton]


641-5450 [St. Catharines]
682-6449 [St. Catharines]
684-4943 [St. Catharines]
685-0499 [St. Catharines]
685-0740 [St. Catharines]
685-1361 [St. Catharines]
685-1362 [St. Catharines]
685-1363 [St. Catharines]
685-1676 [St. Catharines]
685-3099 [St. Catharines]
685-3547 [St. Catharines]
685-4013 [St. Catharines]
685-4043 [St. Catharines]
685-4328 [St. Catharines]
685-4347 [St. Catharines]
685-4909 [St. Catharines]
685-5618 [St. Catharines]
685-5934 [St. Catharines]
685-6269 [St. Catharines]
685-6320 [St. Catharines]
685-6530 [St. Catharines]
685-6678 [St. Catharines]
685-7505 [St. Catharines]
685-8182 [St. Catharines]
685-9196 [St. Catharines]
685-9544 [St. Catharines]
685-9712 [St. Catharines]
688-4978 [St. Catharines]
688-5844 [St. Catharines]
688-6158 [St. Catharines]
688-8254 [St. Catharines]

Created: 1999-06-21
Last updated: 2003-09-15