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Assaulting Payfones 1.o - Naughty naughty. c/a, 2000/10/17
AT&T Canada's Elcotel Payphones + Number Directory - CYBØRG/ASM, 1999/06/21
Beating Protel's Programming Security Code - MaNiAK, 2003/10/24
Canadian COCOT Unrestricted Line Exploit - Exploiting the Canada Payphone Corporation AT&T 'Elcotel Eclipse' and the Paytel Canada 'Protel'. The Clone, 2001/06/03
Canadian Red Box - The guide to red boxing in Canada. CYBØRG/ASM, 1998-2004
craserv file, The - A guide to the Millennium payfone's craserv, PINs, and op codes. Slip-n0t, 1999/10/18
CTR-201 Payphone Programming Guide - Mounting, programming, and trouble-shooting are covered. Nettwerked, 2000/08/13
Elcotel Grapevine Smart-Phone, The Complete Guide to the - The Clone, 2001/06/10
Elcotel Payphone, The Complete Guide to the - Model 9520C. The Clone, 2003/02/05
Elcotel's Grapevine Payphone - Magma, 2000/08/18
How to connect a payphone's VFD to your PC - If you happen to have aquired a Millennium payphone's digital display, here's something you can do with it. Chris D., 2007
Intellicall Remote Payphone Software; Codes, Errors, and Indicators - Dub Psyke 7, 2003/03/10
Millennium: Advanced Public Communications Access System - A look at some of the security and auditing features of the Millennium payphone. Northern Telecom, 1998
Millennium Desktop Payphone; A How-to Guide on Circuit Frying - Sheer silliness. The Clone, 2000/12/01
Millennium Hardware Modification for the purpose of Redboxing - H1D30U5, 2004/03/29
Millennium Payphone - Power Out Exploit V2.0 - PsychoSpy, 2000/11/21
Model 001 Payphone Programming Guide - Nettwerked.net, 2000/08/31
Model 888 Payphone Instruction Manual - Nettwerked.net, 2000/10/31
Model 909 Payphone Users Manual - Nettwerked.net, 2000/09/27
Nortel Millenium Payphone - Fact and fiction regarding the Millennium Payphone. twiggy, 1998
NorTel Millenium: The payphone for the next 1000 years - miind, 1998
Nortel Millennium Payphone: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know - Syko416, 1998
Paytel Canada payphones, The Comprehensive Guide to - Covers Protel and Intellicall Model Phones. The Clone, 2000/07/14
Primitive Model 170 Card Reader Reverse Engineering - Fractal, 2001/06/17
Public TTY Installation Testing and Troubleshooting Guide - The Clone, 2002/02/19
Redboxing Millennium Payphones - How to defeat the muted mouth-piece. Jackel, 2003/09/31
RedPalm++ - Canadian Red Box for the PalmPilot (PalmOS). Featuring quarter, dime, and nickel tones. CYBØRG/ASM, 1999/09/04
RedPalm.zip - Simple Canadian Red Box for the PalmPilot (PalmOS). Requires cbasPad. CYBØRG/ASM, 1998/11
Smart Card Reverse Engineering Project - Further explorations on interfacing the American Magnetics Model 170 smartcard/magstripe reader/writer. Here is the accompanying source code. Fractal, 2002/04/27
Story of the Centurion - Payphone adventures in small-town Alberta. phlux, 2001/09/20
Story of the Millennium - Strange happenings on the payfone front. The Clone, 1999/08/23
Story of the Millennium Part II (TTY) - The Clone, 2002/02/12
Toll Signalling And Collection Technology on Nortel M1231 Millennium Payphones - And The Circumvention Thereof (Or, "How We Didn't Pay For A Couple Of Phone Calls") Flame0ut and PrussianSnow, 2000
TTY.TXT by phlux (canadian (telus, namely) perspective) - TTY Basics, Your First TTY call, Using a TRS payphone, TTY Payphone Locations (Alberta, British Columbia), TTY Benefits. phlux, 2001/11/30
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