Advanced Public Communications Access System

Millennium is more than a payphone. Millennium is an advanced public communications access system developed by Nortel -- the world leader in digital communication. This family of intelligent, display-based terminals takes you beyond yesterday's technology. You can offer consumers new communications capabilities -- with more convenience, security, and choices than ever before.

All this, while enhancing your image and bringing higher revenues and reliable service from each terminal.

Higher Revenues

Card calls are the fastest growing segment of the phone industry. Calling cards. Credit cards. The latest card technology -- whether dubbed smart cards, cash cards, or telecards. All these convenient new choices lead to longer calls, and that means more revenue. No payphone gives consumers as much flexibility, as much choice, as Millennium.

Designed for Convenience

It's never been easier to offer today's communication services to the public. Millennium's forward-thinking design makes it easy to complete more calls and spend more time on each call. It puts the latest services at consumers' fingertips, and delivers them with extremely simple, efficient operation.

More Responsive Service

At the heart of Millennium is an interactive system that ties together each terminal and manages communications and payment transactions. Millennium Manager increases your income potential and improves your image by drastically decreasing downtime. You'll get a public communications system that's available when your customers need it.

Move beyond the days of the isolated out-of-order payphone. Millennium Manager gives your service provider the power to monitor each Millennium terminal, around the clock. It even provides detailed call traffic data, which can be used to make sure Millennium is meeting your customers' needs -- with the right number and type of phones in the right place.

Millennium terminals monitor themselves with a built-in self-diagnostic system that continually checks for problems and provides status information on the telephone's operation -- right down to the number and denomination of each coin in the box. When service is needed, Millennium knows and instantly sends an alarm to the nearest service location for fast action.

A Family of Terminals

Millennium takes you beyond limited options, with a customized solution that's designed to meet the exacting needs of your customers.

Fast access to security. A distinctive image for high-profile locations. Increased convenience for high-traffic areas. A wide range of public access terminals--whether indoor or outdoor, wall mounted or desk top--lets you address the specific requirements of your market. The advanced capabilities and display-based interface make Millennium the choice of the public.

Protection from Fraud

Millennium goes further to protect you and your customers, with a host of fraud fighting features. Fewer losses mean increases in the amount of revenue you retain from each phone.

You can offer consumers a higher level of security when using your telephones. The card reader eliminates the worry of onlookers when dialing a card number. Users simply insert their cards in the reader. Millennium quickly takes an active role -- interfacing in real time with financial institutions for positive card validation, monitoring cards for suspicious use, and issuing early warnings. Each card is also checked against a hot list of up to one million red-flagged numbers.

Millennium even offers safeguards for coin calls. A coin sensor eliminates the use of slugs or foreign coins, and prepayment of overtime eliminates walkaways.

Note: Capabilities for display-based advertising and Quick Access keys depend upon availability of equipment and service, which may vary by area.

Millennium, Millennium Manager, and Nortel are trademarks of Northern Telecom.

Information subject to change, since Northern Telecom reserves the right to make changes without notice in equipment design or components as engineering or manufacturing methods may warrant.

For more information, contact your Millennium sales representative or call 1-800-4 NORTEL, (800-466-7835) or 214-684-5930.

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