Defense Switched Network (DSN) Information
and Canadian Military Base DSN Numbers


A Brief Description of the Defense Switched Network
  1. The DSN is the primary information transfer network for the Defense Communications System (DCS). It provides the worldwide voice, secure voice, data, facsimile, and video teleconferencing services for DOD command and control (C2) elements, their supporting activities engaged in logistics, personnel, engineering, and intelligence, as well as other federal agencies.
  2. In 1982, the DSN was designated by the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) as the provider of long-distance communications service for the DOD. It is designated as a primary system of communication during peacetime, periods of crisis, preattack, nonnuclear, and post- attack phases of war. The network assures nonblocking service for users with FLASH and FLASH OVERRIDE precedence capabilities. Key users include the National Command Authority, Commanders in Chief (CINCs) of the Unified Commands, and strategic and tactical subordinate commanders.
  3. The DSN consists of four subsystems: Switching, Transmission, Timing and Synchronization, and Network Administration and Management. The DSN Switching Subsystem consists of multifunction, stand-alone tandem, end office, and remote switching units. Using transmission, timing, and control elements of the DCS, they interconnect all military locations worldwide and provide end-to-end long-distance common user and dedicated voice, secure voice, data, and video services worldwide. The DSN includes the former Automatic Voice Network (AUTOVON) System, the European Telephone System (ETS), the Japanese and Korean Telephone Upgrades, (JTU and KTU), the Oahu Telephone System (OTS), the Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network (DCTN)/DCTN Transition Network (DTN), the Defense RED Switch Network (DRSN), the Video Teleconferencing Network (VTN), and others.
  4. The growth of the network is such that any calls from one military organization to another will probably traverse at least one DSN switch. Overseas, the DSN has four times as many tandem nodes as the old AUTOVON System. The full overseas DSN, including end offices, is 15 to 20 times larger than the old AUTOVON. The result is greater accessibility to the network for users and a more robust and survivable system to support mission requirements.
  5. In addition to nonsecure voice, data, and video services, the DSN will provide transmission, switching, and support services for Secure Telephone Units Third Generation (STU- IIIs), the DRSN, the Unclassified, but Sensitive Internet Protocol (IP) Routing Network (NIPRNET), and the Secret IP Routing Network (SIPRNET).

National Communications System Voice Precedence System
1.   The National Communications System (NCS) Voice Precedence
System, established by NCS Memorandum 1-70, dated 14 February
1970, is directed for use by all authorized users of the DOD
voice communications facilities.  Since the effectiveness of the
system depends on the cooperation of the people authorized to
employ it, users must: (1) be familiar with the purposes of each
precedence category and the type of call that is assigned the
precedence, and (2) exercise care not to request or use a
precedence higher than required.

2.   The NCS Voice Precedence System does not make provisions for
conducting test and exercise calls.  Those activities or
individuals authorized or required to conduct such test or
exercise calls will employ a precedence consistent with the
nature of the test or exercise.  When the originator of the test
or exercise call has contacted the called party, the call will
immediately be identified as a FLASH, IMMEDIATE, or PRIORITY
precedence test or exercise.

3.   The following examples should aid users in determining what
precedence to use when placing a call.  These examples are in
accordance with the NCS Voice Precedence System, but are not to
be used exclusively for determination of the precedence of a
call.  This should be at the discretion of the originator of the call.


FLASH OVERRIDE is considered a capability, not a level of
precedence.  Exercising this capability preempts calls of all
other levels or precedence.  The FLASH OVERRIDE capability is
available to the following users:

          (1)  The President of the United States of America

          (2)  The Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the

          (3)  Commanders of Unified Commands

     b.   FLASH

FLASH call preempt IMMEDIATE, PRIORITY, and ROUTINE calls.
Listed below are examples of FLASH calls:

          (1)  Calls pertaining to command and control of
               military forces essential to defense and

          (2)  Critical intelligence essential to national

          (3)  Conduct of diplomatic negotiations critical to
               ceasing or limiting hostilities

          (4)  Dissemination of critical civil alert information
               essential to national survival

          (5)  Continuity of federal government functions
               essential to national survival

          (6)  Fulfillment of critical United States internal
               security functions essential to national survival

          (7)  Catastrophic events of national or international

     c.   IMMEDIATE

IMMEDIATE calls preempt PRIORITY and ROUTINE calls and are
reserved for communications pertaining to situations that gravely
affect the security of national and Allied forces.  Listed below
are some examples of IMMEDIATE calls:

          (1)  Reconstitution of forces in a post-attack period

          (2)  Intelligence essential to national security

          (3)  Conduct of diplomatic negotiations to reduce or
               limit the threat of war

          (4)  Implementation of federal government actions
               essential to national survival

          (5)  Situations that gravely affect the security of the
               United States

          (6)  Civil defense actions concerning the direction of
               the population and their  survival

          (7)  Disaster or events serious enough to have an
               immediate and detrimental  effect on the welfare
               of the population

          (8)  Vital information having an immediate effect on
               aircraft, spacecraft, or  missile operations

          (9)  Distress assistance

     d.   PRIORITY

PRIORITY calls preempt ROUTINE calls and are reserved for
communications requiring expeditious action by called parties
furnishing essential information for conducting government

     e.   ROUTINE

This precedence applies to official government communications
that require rapid transmission by telephonic means, but do not
require preferential handling.  A ROUTINE call does not preempt
any other call.

Canadian Military Base DSN Numbers
                    DSN AREA CODE 312

Note:  Use the 3-digit area code when making an inter-area
(outside your theater area) call.

     USER IDENTIFICATION              LOCATION       PHONE          OPR
                                                      NR            ASST

AIR COMMAND HQ CDR, CFB               MANITOBA      257-5368      257-6011
AIR COMMAND HQ OPS CTR, CFB           MANITOBA      257-5313      257-6011
AIR FORCE DET 1, NORTH WARNING        ONTARIO       846-2250      842-4581

AIR FORCE EXCHANGE PROG. USA-         ONTARIO       846-3612      842-4581
CF - OTTAWA                                     
AIR TRANSPORT GP HQ/OPS (ATOC)        ONTARIO       827-3765      827-7011
- TRENTON                                       
ALDERGROVE CFS                        BRITISH                     252-9211
ALDERSHOT                             NOVA SCOTIA                 586-2011
ALGONQUIN REGT CC - NORTH BAY         ONTARIO       628-5100      628-6011

ARAF - ST JOHNS                       NEWFOUNDLAND  568-4727      568-4931

ARMY (US) PERSONNEL EXCHANGE -        ONTARIO       842-0583      842-4581
AWC & CS - NORTH BAY                  ONTARIO       628-2370      628-6011

BORDEN CFB                            ONTARIO                     270-0111
BRITISH ARMY TNG UNIT (BATUS)         ALBERTA       520-4101      520-4011
- SUFFIELD                                      
CDN COASTAL RADAR - GANDER            NEWFOUNDLAND  622-3258      622-3011

CDN LAND FORCES COMD & STAFF          ONTARIO       270-5821      270-5011
COL - KINGSTON                                  
CFB, BORDEN                           ONTARIO                     270-0111
CFB, CHATHAM                          NOVA SCOTIA                 733-5511
CFB, CHILLIWACK                       BRITISH                     252-1011
CFB, CALGARY                          ALBERTA                     530-7011
CFB, COLD LAKE                        ALBERTA                     690-8011
CFB, COMOX                            BRITISH                     252-8211
CFB, DUNDURN DET                      SASKATCHEWAN                826-4011
CFB, EDMONTON GRIESBACH               ALBERTA                     530-4011
CFB, EDMONTON LANCASTER PARK          ALBERTA                     530-4011
CFB, EDMONTON OPS                     ALBERTA       530-8897      530-4011

CFB, ESQUIMALT                        BRITISH                     255-2000
CFB, ESQUIMALT DUTY OFFICER           BRITISH       255-4444      255-2000
CFB, GAGETOWN                         NEW                         432-2000
CFB, GANDER                           NEWFOUNDLAND                622-3011
CFS, GOOSE BAY                        LABRADOR                    568-7011
CFB, GREENWOOD                        NOVA SCOTIA                 568-5011
CFB, HALIFAX                          NOVA SCOTIA                 447-4077
CFB, KINGSTON                         ONTARIO                     270-5011
CFB, MONCTON                          NEW                         622-0500
CFB, MOOSE JAW CFB                    SASKATCHEWAN                826-5011
CFB, NORTH BAY                        ONTARIO                     628-2011
CFB, PETAWAWA                         ONTARIO                     677-5011
CFB, SHEARWATER                       NOVA SCOTIA                 479-1011
CFB, SHILO                            MANITOBA                    257-3011
CFB, SHILO DUTY OFFICER               MANITOBA      257-3044      257-3011

CFB, ST JEAN                          QUEBEC                      661-7011
CFB, SUFFIELD                         ALBERTA                     520-4011
CFB, TRENTON                          ONTARIO                     827-7011
CFB, VALCARTIER                       QUEBEC                      621-1011
CFB, WAINWRIGHT                       ALBERTA                     530-1011
CFB, WINNIPEG                         MANITOBA                    257-6011
CFMETR-MARITIME EXPRL TST             BRITISH       252-5060      252-5000
RANGE - RANCH POINT                   COLUMBIA         
CFRC - ST JOHNS                       NEWFOUNDLAND  568-4935      568-4500

CFRETS CFB BORDEN                     ONTARIO                     270-0111
CFS, ALDERGROVE                       BRITISH                     252-9211
CFS, DEBERT                           NOVA SCOTIA                 622-5011
CFS, LEITRIM                          ONTARIO       627-5382      842-4581

CFS, MASSET                           BRITISH       255-8000      255-8211
CFS, MILLCOVE                         NOVA SCOTIA                 479-4100
CFS, ST JOHNS                         NEWFOUNDLAND                568-4500

     USER IDENTIFICATION              LOCATION       PHONE          OPR
                                                       NR           ASST
CHATHAM CFB                           NOVA SCOTIA                 733-5511
CHILLIWACK CFB                        BRITISH                     252-1011
CALGARY CFB                           ALBERTA                     530-7011
COLD LAKE CFB                         ALBERTA                     690-8011
COMBAT TNG CTR - CFB GAGETOWN         NEW           432-2730      432-2000
COMM DET - REGINA                     SASKATCHEWAN                826-6384
COMOX CFB                             BRITISH                     252-8211
DEBERT CFS                            NOVA SCOTIA                 622-5011
DEFENCE RESEARCH DET -                BRITISH       255-2921      255-2000
ESQUIMALT                             COLUMBIA         
DEFENCE RESEARCH EST (DRES) -         ALBERTA       520-4623      520-4011
- OTTAWA                                     
DISA LIAISON OFFICE - CANADA          OTTAWA        841-5219      842-4581

DUNDURN CFB DET                       SASKATCHEWAN                826-4011
EDMONTON CFB GRIESBACH                ALBERTA                     530-4011
EDMONTON CFB LANCASTER PARK           ALBERTA                     530-4011
EDMONTON CFB OPS                      ALBERTA       530-8897      530-4011

ESQUIMALT CFB                         BRITISH                     255-2000
ESQUIMALT CFB DUTY OFFICER            BRITISH       255-4444      255-2000
FG/CANR HQ - NORTH BAY                ONTARIO       628-6069      628-6011
GAGETOWN CFB                          NEW                         432-2000
GANDER CFB                            NEWFOUNDLAND                622-3011
GOOSE BAY CFS                         LABRADOR                    568-7011
GREENWOOD CFB                         NOVA SCOTIA                 568-5011
HALIFAX CFB                           NOVA SCOTIA                 447-4077
HMCS CABOT - ST JOHNS                 NEWFOUNDLAND  568-4718      568-4500

KINGSTON CFB                          ONTARIO                     270-5011
KINGSTON RMC                          ONTARIO                     270-5011
LAND FORCES ATLANTIC AREA HQ -        NOVA SCOTIA   467-7631      447-4077
LAND FORCES CENTRAL AREA HQ           ONTARIO       634-5322      634-5300
OPS - TORONTO                                   
LAND FORCES CENTRAL AREA HQ -         ONTARIO                     634-5300
LEITRIM CFS                           ONTARIO       627-5382      842-4581

LONDON CFB DET                        ONTARIO                     625-5275
LONGUE POINTE CFB - MONTREAL          QUEBEC                      621-2011
MACS - EDMONTON                       ALBERTA       620-1691      530-4011

MACS OPS - TRENTON                    ONTARIO       827-8800      827-7011

MACS SUPR - TRENTON                   ONTARIO       827-8801      827-7011

MAINTENANCE CTRL CTR (MCC)            ONTARIO       628-6340      628-6011
NORAD - NORTH BAY                               
MARCOM DET CADETS - ST JOHN'S         NEWFOUNDLAND  568-4647      568-4931

MARITIME AIR GROUP HQ - CFB           NOVA SCOTIA   479-4024      447-4077
MARPAC HQ CMD - CFB ESQUIMALT         BRITISH       255-2020      255-2000
MARPAC HQ OPS CTR - CFB               BRITISH       255-2425      255-2000
ESQUIMALT                             COLUMBIA         
MASSET CFS                            BRITISH       255-8000      255-8211
MEAFORD MTC                           ONTARIO                     260-6011
MILITARY AREA PACIFIC HQ -            BRITISH                     252-1011
VANCOUVER                             COLUMBIA            
MILLCOVE CFS                          NOVA SCOTIA                 479-4100
MONCTON CFB                           NEW                         622-0500
MOOSE JAW CFB                         SASKATCHEWAN                826-5011
NANAIMO MIL CAMP                      BRITISH                     252-5400
NATIONAL DEFENCE HQ - OTTAWA          ONTARIO                     842-4581
NATIONAL DEFENCE HQ INFO -            ONTARIO       842-4581   
NATIONAL DEFENCE OPS CTR              ONTARIO       842-2708      627-8011
(NDOC) DUTY OFFICER                             
NAVAL PERSONNEL EXCHANGE -            ONTARIO       842-6451      842-4581
NFDISTHQ - ST JOHN'S (RES)            NEWFOUNDLAND  568-4779      568-4500

NORTH BAY CFB                         ONTARIO                     628-2011
NORTHERN RGN HQ OPS -                 NORTH WEST    620-1531      620-1961
YELLOWKNIFE                           TER              
     USER IDENTIFICATION              LOCATION       PHONE          OPR
                                                       NR           ASST
NWSO DET - NORTH BAY                  ONTARIO       628-2900      628-6011

PETAWAWA CFB                          ONTARIO                     677-5011
PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE EFB                MANITOBA                    257-8311
PPCLI BSL - WAINWRIGHT                ALBERTA       530-1584      530-1011

REGINA COMM DET                       SASKATCHEWAN                826-6384
ROCC SR DIR - NORTH BAY               ONTARIO       628-6400      628-6011

ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE -              ONTARIO                     270-5011
SHEARWATER CFB                        NOVA SCOTIA                 479-1011
SHILO CFB                             MANITOBA                    257-3011
SHILO CFB DUTY OFFICER                MANITOBA      257-3044      257-3011

SPECIAL SERVICE FORCE (SSF) -         ONTARIO       677-5304      677-5011
CFB PETAWAWA                                    
ST HUBERT - CFB MONTREAL              QUEBEC                      621-7011
ST JEAN CFB                           QUEBEC                      661-7011
ST JOHNS CFS                          NEWFOUNDLAND                568-4500
SUFFIELD CFB                          ALBERTA                     520-4011
SUPPLEMENTARY RADIO SYSTEM            NORTH WEST                  845-4637
(SRS) - ALBERTA                       TER                 
SUPPLEMENTARY RADIO SYSTEM            NEWFOUNDLAND                662-3011
(SRS) - GANDER                                     
SUPPLEMENTARY RADIO SYSTEM            ONTARIO                     840-0884
(SRS) - HQ OTTAWA                                  
SUPPLEMENTARY RADIO SYSTEM            ONTARIO                     627-5411
(SRS) - LEITRIM                                    
SUPPLEMENTARY RADIO SYSTEM            BRITISH                     255-8211
(SRS) - MASSET                        COLUMBIA            
TRENTON CFB                           ONTARIO                     827-7011
VALCARTIER CFB                        QUEBEC                      621-5011
VANCOUVER DET (CFB CHILLIWACK)        BRITISH                     252-4157
WAINWRIGHT CFB                        ALBERTA                     530-1011
WINNIPEG CFB                          MANITOBA                    257-6011
1ST BN R NFLD R - ST JOHNS            NEWFOUNDLAND  568-4555      568-4931

1ST BN THE ROYAL CDN REGT             ONTARIO       677-6449      677-5011
(1RCR) - PETAWAWA                               
1ST CDN BRIGADE GP HQ - CFB           ALBERTA                     530-7011
1ST CDN DIV HQ SIG REGT - CFB         ONTARIO       270-5718      270-5011
1ST CDN FD HOSPITAL - PETAWAWA        ONTARIO       677-5506      677-5011

1ST LINE TP - CFB KINGSTON            ONTARIO                     270-5011
2ND CDN BDE GP - PETAWAWA             ONTARIO       677-5301      677-5011

3RD ERE - BAGOTVILLE                  QUEBEC                      661-8011
3RD FLT TRG SCH CMD -                 MANITOBA      257-8058      257-8311
4TH WING - COLD LAKE                  ALBERTA                     690-8011
5TH CDN BDE GP - CFB                  QUEBEC                      621-5011
5TH WING - GOOSE BAY                  LABRADOR                    568-7011
5TH WING OPS MCC - GOOSE BAY          LABRADOR      568-7331      568-7011

8TH WING OPS - TRENTON                ONTARIO       827-2329      827-7011

9TH WING OPS - GANDER                 NEWFOUNDLAND  622-3227      622-3011

10TH TACTICAL  AIR GP - CFB           QUEBEC        621-7819      621-7011
12TH WING - SHEARWATER                NOVA SCOTIA                 479-1011
14TH WING AMS/MCC - GREENWOOD         NOVA SCOTIA   568-5388      568-5011

14TH WING - GREENWOOD                 NOVA SCOTIA                 568-1494
14TH WING OPS - GREENWOOD             NOVA SCOTIA   568-5457      568-5011

17TH WING - WINNIPEG                  MANITOBA      257-5205      257-6011

19TH WING COMOX                       BRITISH                     252-8011
21ST AC&W SQN SR DIR - NORTH          ONTARIO       628-6400      628-6011
22ND WING COMD - NORTH BAY            ONTARIO       628-2000      628-6011

26TH SVC BN CC - NORTH BAY            ONTARIO       628-5150      628-6011
36TH SVC BN - ST JOHNS                NEWFOUNDLAND  568-4610      568-4931

56TH FD ENGR SQN - ST JOHNS           NEWFOUNDLAND  568-4614      568-4931
70TH COMM GP - TRENTON                ONTARIO                     827-7011
71ST COMM GP - ST HUBERT              QUEBEC                      621-7011
72ND COMM GP - HALIFAX                NOVA SCOTIA                 447-4077

     USER IDENTIFICATION              LOCATION        PHONE         OPR
                                                        NR          ASST
74TH COMM GP - EDMONTON               ALBERTA                     530-4011
76TH COMM GP - OTTAWA                 ONTARIO                     846-7811
103RD RESCUE UNIT - CFB GANDER        NEWFOUNDLAND  622-3369      662-3011

715TH COMM SQN - ST HUBERT            QUEBEC                      621-7011
404TH SQN OPS - GREENWOOD             NOVA SCOTIA   568-5614      568-5011

405TH SQN OPS - GREENWOOD             NOVA SCOTIA   568-5380      568-5011

408TH HEL SQN OPS - CFB               ALBERTA       530-4381      530-4011
413TH SQN/OPS - GREENWOOD             NOVA SCOTIA   568-1413      568-5011

415TH SQN/OPS - GREENWOOD             NOVA SCOTIA   568-5227      568-5011

427TH HEL SQ/OPS - CFB                ONTARIO       677-5427      677-5011
433RD SQN - BAGOTVILLE                QUEBEC        621-9433      621-9011

434TH SQN/OPS - GREENWOOD             NOVA SCOTIA   568-1413      568-5011

443RD HEL SQN DUTY OFFICER -          BRITISH       255-2425      255-2000
ESQUIMALT                             COLUMBIA         
51ST AC&W (OT) SQN CO                 ONTARIO       628-6560      628-6011

702ND COMM SQN - PETAWAWA             ONTARIO       677-5700      677-5011
706TH COMM DET - NORTH BAY            ONTARIO       628-6935      628-6011

706TH COMM SQN - BORDEN               ONTARIO                     270-0111
708TH COMM DET - KINGSTON             ONTARIO                     270-6011
708TH COMM SQN - TRENTON              ONTARIO                     827-7011
711TH COMM DET - QUEBEC               QUEBEC                      621-5011
711TH COMM SQN - VALCARTIER           QUEBEC                      621-5011
715TH COMM DET - ST JEAN              QUEBEC                      621-3011
722ND SPTS (USAF) - NORTH BAY         ONTARIO                     628-2011
724TH COMM DET - MONCTON              NEW           622-0614      622-0500
724TH COMM SQN - GAGETOWN             NEW           432-3075      432-2000
726TH COMM DET - GREENWOOD            NOVA SCOTIA   568-5004      568-5011

726TH COMM DET - SHEARWATER           NOVA SCOTIA   479-1488      479-1011

726TH COMM SQN - HALIFAX              NOVA SCOTIA   447-6655      447-4077

727TH COMM DET - GANDER               NEWFOUNDLAND  622-3223      622-3011

727TH COMM DET - GOOSE BAY            LABRADOR      568-7256      568-7011

727TH COMM SQN - ST JOHNS             NEWFOUNDLAND  568-4701      568-4931

731ST COMM SQB - CFB SHILO            MANITOBA      257-3734      257-3000

733RD COMM SQN - WINNIPEG             MANITOBA      257-5165      257-6011

734TH COMM DET - MOOSE JAW            SASKATCHEWAN  826-5328      826-5011

734TH COMM SQN - REGINA               SASKATCHEWAN  826-6343      826-5384

734TH COMM SQN DET - DUNDURN          SASKATCHEWAN  826-4220      826-4011

737TH COMM SQN - SASKATOON            SASKATCHEWAN  826-8551      826-4011

740TH COMM DET - CHILLIWACK           BRITISH       252-1553      252-1011
740TH COMM DET - COMOX                BRITISH       252-8575      252-8011
740TH COMM SQN - ESQUIMALT            BRITISH       255-2055      255-2000
742ND C0MM DET - CALGARY              ALBERTA       530-7161      530-7011

742ND COMM DET - COLD LAKE            ALBERTA       690-8562      690-8011

742ND COMM DET - SUFFIELD             ALBERTA       520-4666      520-4011

742ND COMM DET - WAINWRIGHT           ALBERTA       530-1747      530-1011

742ND COMM DET - YELLOWKNIFE          NORTH WEST    520-0910      520-0811
742ND COMM SQN - EDMONTON             ALBERTA       530-8822      530-4011

748TH COMM SQN - NANIMO               BRITISH       252-5383      252-5383
764TH COMM SQN - OTTAWA               ONTARIO       845-6398      842-4581

770TH COMM RSCH SQN (CFSRS) -         NEWFOUNDLAND  622-3316      622-3011

Defense Switched Network "Theater" Codes

Appendix - DSN Bulletin Board Service
  Instructions for Accessing the DSN Bulletin Board Service

1.   A modem or Internet connection is required to access the
DSN Bulletin Board System (BBS).

2.   Modems must meet the following requirements:

            Baud        300 bps through
            Rates          28.8 kbps

            Data               8

            Stop Bit           1

            Parity            None

3.   Access the DSN BBS using one of the following methods:

       Modem: Commercial :  (703) 735-8178 or DSN: (312) 653-

Internet URL:

4.   A welcome message will be displayed followed by a log on

5.   First-time users are required to establish an account
(register) by entering the word
"New" after the DSN BBS prompt.  A list of questions, such as
name, address, and organization, will appear on the screen.
All data entry fields must be completed.  Do not leave any
question unanswered.  Enter the letters, NA, if the question
does not apply.

 QUESTION                     SAMPLE RESPONSE
 Name       Enter your first and last names:   ex:  John Doe
            (a space is required between the first and last
Organi-     ex: DISA / D322r
Address     Enter the street address: ex: 11440 Isaac Newton
Line 1      Sq., North

Address     Enter the city, state, and zip code: ex:  Reston,
Line 2      VA, 20191-5006

Address     Enter the country or press  for USA
Line 3      

Commercial  Enter the area code and phone number:  ex:  (703)
Phone Num   555-1212

System Type Enter 1 for IBM PC or compatible, 2 for an Apple
            Macintosh, 3 for an Apple other than Macintosh,
            and 0 for none of the above.

Internet    Enter your Internet E-MAIL address:  ex:

DSN Phone   Enter the DSN phone number (to include the three-
Number      digit country code):  ex:  (312) 653-8033

Point of    Enter the first and last name of your site Point
Contact     of Contact:  ex:  Cpt. John Smith (include
(POC)       military rank if applicable)

POC's Phone Enter the POC=s DSN telephone number (to include
Number      the three-digit country code):  ex:  (312) 653-

Prior BBS   Answer yes or no.

User-ID     Your user ID will be your code name on the DSN
            BBS.  You will need it to identify yourself to the
            system when you log on.  Other DSN BBS users will
            know you by your user ID.  It is preferred that
            you use your first and last name as your user ID,
            but you do have the option of choosing something
            different.  Example:  John Doe.

User-ID     The system will ask you if the user ID you have
Verifi-     entered is correct.  Answer "Y" or "N".

Password    The system will refer to you by your established
            user ID and ask you to create a password.  Enter a
            short and memorable password.  Type slowly and
            verify the password is correct before pressing the

Password    The system will ask you to reenter the password.
Verifi-     If the same word is entered, the password will be
cation      accepted.  Incorrect entries will result in
            reentering the password.  Do not give out your
            password.  The security of your account depends on
            no one else knowing what your password is.

6.   If you already have a User ID, type it in after the log
     on prompt and press the  key.  After entering your
     password, you will be welcomed to the DSN BBS.

7.   Forward all comments and questions to