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604's Infamous Conference Line - An excerpt from "Secrets of the Little Blue Box", printed in the October 1971 issue of Esquire Magazine. Ron Rosenbaum, 1971/10
Acoustic Coupler - How to make one with a phone and a battery. Axon, 2000
Advanced Loop Line Analysis - ...Canadian style! phlux, 2001/12/01
Area Code 800 - Canadian 800 Exchanges. 1990/01/28
AT&T Easy Reach-800 Numbers; what they are and how they work - The Clone, 1998/12/15
AWAS, The Comprehensive Guide to - The Telus Automated Work Administration System; what it is and how it works. The Clone, 2004/03/28
Bank of Montreal - MasterCard Security Issues - warVamp, 2000/03/16
Beating Caller ID - How Caller ID works and how to beat it. The Fixer, 2000/04/30
Bell Canada VMB Insecurity - Prez, 2000
Caller ID Spoofing through TELUS - Lucky225, 2002/07/16
Canadian ARU / LINE ID / DENUS CODE Compilation, The - The Clone, 2001/08/14
Canadian Military (DSN) Alberta Number Compilation, The - The Clone, 2002/09/23
Canadian Mobile SID Compilation, The Great - The Clone, 2003/01/19
Canadian Number Assignments 555 skan from 780 - The Clone, 1999/09/02
Canadian Numbering Assignments - SAC 500, 600, 900 and CIC and 500 assignments in Canada. 1996/04
Canadian Pager Carrier Billing Flaw, A - The Clone, 2001/10/07
Canadian Plant Test Prefixes - Test number exchanges by Area Code. artofhacking.com Staff, 2004/09/18
Canadian Test Number Compilation, The - The Clone, 2001/11/23
Cell Phone Spam - (A Wireless "Fuck You") - Abuse fido users. Axion, 2002/02/14
CODES.SS7 - SS7 point codes. Phlux, 2002/03/08
Common Language Location Identifiers (CLLI) - for 403/780. phlux, 2001/06/23
Conferencing - This is how illicit underground teleconferences ('confs') get started. Lord N, 1997
DATU Systems, An Introductory Guide to - The Clone, 2001/08/06
Defense Switched Network (DSN) - DSN Info and Canadian Military Base DSN Numbers. 1996/10/22
Defense Switched Networks, An Update to - Information on the physical layout of DSN installations. Treephrog902, 2002/02/27
dosfido v1.0 - Simple hack on fidoalert-1.0 to send the same message over and over again, with throttle controls. This *will* clog someones cell phone up pretty bad. (/w *NIX source) h410G3n, 2001/02/18
Edmonton Test Numbers for Milliwatt Supply and Silent Termination - The Clone, 2007/06/11
fidoalert v1.0 - A simple client to interface with Fido cellphones and send SMS messages via the internet. (/w *NIX source) h410G3n, 2001/02/18
FLEX Technology: Paging Frequencies - The Clone, 1999/10/04
Free Long Distance on Telus Pay and Talk! - Stalins Sidekick, 2002/08/27
G.E.T.S. Paper, The - Government Emergency Telephone System ACT, social engineering, and dial-up numbers. m4chine, 2001/10/02
Glossary of Telecom Industry Terms: A to B : C : D to F : G to N : O to S : T to Z - Bell Canada, 1998
Grande Cache cell-site DIMA System, The - Grande Cache trash... The Clone, 1999/05/04
How to File a Telecommunications Complaint - CRTC, 1997/12/06
INWATS: 611-7XXX suffix skan - The Clone, 2000/05/02
INWATS: 800-xxx-9999 Suffix Skan - The Clone, 1999/08/06
Meridian Mail Rls.12, An Introduction to - The Clone, 1999/07/22
Mobile Phone ANI-Diversion Technique, A - The Clone, 2001/10/29
Nokia 5100 & 6100 Security Exploit - I/O-Communicator, 2000/02/18
Nortel Screen Phones Explored/ADSI Carrier Scan - p1asm1c, 2001/06/07
Northern Canada Exchange Profile - David Leibold, 1997/03/02
Northern Telecom Wire Pair Color Code Combinations - CYBØRG/ASM, 1994/02/12
Nova Scotia Phone Phun - untoward, 1999/04
Operation PHONEBLOCK - Telephone antics from the April 2001 FTAA protest in Quebec. Tezcatlipoca, 2001/04/22
Phreaking as UE (Underground Exploration) - A comparison of the similarities between phreaking and underground exploration. fonejack, 2003/01/16
Phreak show - Phreaking and 2600 in Vancouver. greg nesteroff, 1997/01/20
Project: 1-800-909-(6000-9000) Hand Scan - The Clone, 2001/07/22
Project CDN INWATS Compile - Call Distribution Network (CDN) kodez in the INWATS 909 prefix. The Clone, 1999/05/05
Project: INWATS; 909-0000 | 909-6000 Suffix Skan - The Clone, 1999/07/23
Rogers/AT&T Pay-As-You-Go Billing Vulnerability - The Clone, 2000/08/29
Rogers AT&T Billing Vulnerability; Part II - The Clone, 2001/08/06
SIT (Special Information Tones) - Phlux, 2001/06/16
Special Prefixes/Numbers - TELECOM Digest Guide to Special Prefixes/Numbers. Canadian info is near end of file. David Leibold, 1990/11/24
Spoofing Caller ID with the Nokia 5190 - ha10g3n, 1999/11/26
Stentor, Bell Canada, Independents - Some history of the Canadian telecom industry. Mark J. Cuccia, 1996/05/29
TD Bank; VISA account privacy issue - The Clone, 2000/02/10
Things Everyone Should Know About Telephony-Over-Cable - Treephrog, 2003/02/09
Tel3.com Calling Card System ANI Spoofing Vulnerability - Learn why using ANI for authentication, instead of a PIN, is universally stupid. The Clone, 2005/08/01
Telecom Acronyms - 2000
TELECOM Digest FAQ version 8 - Frequently Asked Questions about telephones, the phone system, and how it all works. TELECOM Digest, 1997/02/08
TELUS; 811 Self-Serve stratagem - Want to disconnect someones phone service? Here's one way. The Clone, 1999/06/30
Telus Call Director; Unsupervised Line Exploit - The Clone, 2000/11/07
Telus Caller Identification (CID) Routing Glitch - The Clone, 2001/05/20
Telus Call Management Assistant Exploitation - 310-TOUCH. The Clone, 2002/03/13
TELUS MOBILITY; Customer Privacy No More - The Clone, 2000/01/04
TELUS Mobility; Panasonic EN-POWR numeric pager exploit v2.0 - The Clone, 1999/08/25
Telus' Terminating Test Lines, An Introduction to - The Clone, 2001/11/06
TRS (Telus Relay Service) Loophole, The - Phlux, 2001/08/15
Un-activated telus cellphone exploit - How to make free phone calls with a Telus "Pay and Talk" cellphone. tr00per, 2004/07/06
Understanding Telephones - Everybody has one, but what makes it work? Julian Macassey, 1985/09
Uninstalling the i-Select Options on Your Nortel Vista 350 - This will remove any phone company's installed options, restoring the Vista 350 to the manufacturer's default. [Also...] Sean Riddolls, 2002/12/19
United Phreaker's Incorporated: The Phreaker's Bag of High Tech Tricks - Tales from the Toronto Star newspaper regarding the rampant phreaking in Ontario during the early 90's. UPI, 1990/01/17
Vista 350 - How to turn off advertisements on the Vista 350 phone. 2003/11/25
Vista 350 - New Phone, New Features (ADSI, ACMS) v2.0 - Wildman, 2000/03/12
Vonage VOIP 3-way call CID Spoofing Vulnerability, A - NW, 2003/08/13
Wiring - Technical References - BIX, RJ-45, and T1 Router colour combinations. Paul Chvostek, 1998
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