How to File a Telecommunications Complaint

1. Are there rules and regulations for filing a complaint?
As set out in Part VI of the CRTC Telecommunications Rules of Procedure, the CRTC has established guidelines for dealing with complaints about:

REMEMBER: These guidelines do not apply to a complaint made as part of a letter of comment filed in response to applications for general rate increases.

The Terms of Service which outline the rights and obligations of subscribers and telephone companies are found in the introductory pages of your telephone directory.

2. What procedures should I follow to file a complaint?
Write or phone the nearest CRTC regional office or send your letter to the Secretary General at Ottawa K1A 0N2. The Carrier Compliance and Liaison Section of the Telecommunications Directorate can be contacted by phone at (819) 997-0272. Letters may also be faxed to CRTC headquarters at (819) 953-3756.

There is no special form for filing a complaint and you need not send a copy of your complaint to the telephone company in question. Make sure to indicate your full name, address, telephone number and the nature of your complaint.

3. What happens to my complaint?
Except in cases where some kind of emergency relief is required, the Commission will forward a summary of your complaint, or a copy of your letter, to the telephone company in question. The company must then reply within 20 days.

The Commission may be able to resolve the matter for you on the basis of the telephone company's response; it may require further information from the company; or it may determine that a more formal proceeding, such as a public hearing, is required to resolve the matter. In an emergency, the Commission may resolve the matter immediately, on an interim basis. If you have not already done so, you will be asked to put your complaint in writing so that the Commission can deal with it in the same manner as all other complaints.