A Christmas Present To All You Bell Canada Customers

November 25, 2003

If you - like me - bought a Vista 350 phone a few years ago and are getting sick of the rotating advertisements on the screen (including the most recent one with a mispelled word in it), I have the solution to do a factory reset on your phone. It took considerable digging on the Net to find this, but I give it to you (and pass it to the poweredbycoffee.net archives) so that it is recorded for permanent reference. There have gotta be a billion of these phones in Ontario alone, so I figure I'm doing the world a huge favour.

WARNING: You will lose your dialing directory and all settings by performing this procedure. This procedure wipes your phone to the condition it was in when it came off the assembly line. Other procedures on the Internet involve disassembly of the phone and messing with the battery. This is the software reset procedure. NO TOOLS REQUIRED.

1. Hit Options
2. Choose Time/Date
3. Set the time to Jan 1 12:00am
4. Hit Done
5. Hit Done
6. Hit Options
7. Hit Link
8. Now quick like a bunny when the big display of numbers comes up on the screen, hit the # key quick before it goes away.

Your phone is now completely reset. Grab your cell phone and call yourself (or get a friend to call you) and let it ring twice so your clock will reset from the CID signal.

Posted by netnomad at November 25, 2003 03:05 PM