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Beginner's Guide to Fake ID - oneeyewilly, 2000/12/17
BELL.XPRESS.VIEW - Free movies with Bell Express-Vue. tracert, 2001/05/14
Bell Express View... The Rest of The Story - A few clarifications and corrections for the BELL.XPRESS.VIEW file. _Absinth_, 2001/10/20
Canada Post: A Phacker's Guide v2 - PHACKING is the art of Postal Hacking; or manipulating the mail system in a variety of high and low tech ways; sometimes legal, sometimes illegal; sometimes to get free delivery, sometimes to get faster delivery, and sometimes to just be a pain in the ass. CYBØRG/ASM, 2005/11/04
Canadian authorities apprehend suspects accused of high-tech credit card fraud - Phillips Publishing Inc., 1990/10/22
Canadian Gemstone Scams - Federal Trade Commission, 1993/06
'Cheap' Auto Insurance - CopSKilla, 2003/03/03
Chilling debit-card scam uncovered - Major organized-crime bust reveals simple method of siphoning bank accounts. Timothy Appleby, The Globe & Mail, 1999/12/10
Fake ID - Creating fake ID's and fake identities. Lord N, 1997
Fake IDs still available after U.S. attacks - Discusses the legality of Fake IDs in Canada. It is legal to manufacture and sell them, but illegal to use them. Vern Smith, 2001/10/18
Fight Your Speeding Tickets - A document dedicated to helping people fight speeding tickets in Canada. (Word95) fyst@magma.ca, 1999/04
Free Carwashes for Fun and Profit - Anonymous Social Engineer, 2005/02/15
Free Pizza from Pizza Pizza - Guardian Angel, 2006/05/09
Getting into Toronto Subway's for only a Penny - Mr.E, 2000/09/01
Getting Rogers/Shaw 'ME TV' Service Free - An idiots guide to stealing cable. Angel of Death, 1999/08/22
Guide to Eating Free - Fast food for free. Phrozen BloodFlame, 2003/04/13
How I Pimped Impark With Simple Social Engineering - Free parking. H1D30U5, 2004/11/18
How to Fix Your Credit the Easy Way - Screw the credit bureaus. They're nothing but scavengers of human misery. gHoSt, 2005/10/19
How to get into Canada - Illegal immigration to Canada. African American News Service, 2000?
How to Make a Fake ID Card - 2008
How to rip off your local bookstore monopoly - diabolik, 2002/01/03
How to Scam a Free Pizza from Pizza Pizza! - Eric The Red, 1993/01/18
Identity New - Comprehensive guide to creating alternate identities in the United States and Canada. 2003
Life Supply Of Dickies Socks - Heh. [KaPtAiN][KiNk], 2002/08/15
Making Money From Telus - Silly scam to make a few measly bucks. Lord N, 1997
MeTV 4 Free - Stealing cable. NoWhere Man, 1999/07
Sasktel Max - An exploit for Sasktel's Digital Cable service. Adio, 2007/02/28
Scam by Numbers - Social Insurance Number fraud is rampant in Canada. Information regarding the poor management of SINs and how they can be abused. Sean Durken, Sun Ottawa Bureau, 1998/09/30
Social Engineering at Sympatico - How to delete a Sympatico users e-mail. wintermute, 2000/10/06
Successfully Social Engineering an ISP (more specifically, Sympatico) - WonderWench, 2000/12/28
Useful Social Engineering at Sympatico - How to access a Sympatico users e-mail. Untoward, 2000/10/16
Water Counter Bug, The - How to get free water. cyberinfo, 2010/12/10



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