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Anarchives, The [1994-1997]

Published by The Anarchy Organization.

Barbed Wire [1997-1998]

Vancouver's only free webzine with a complete money-back guarantee. Barbed Wire was produced by a group of enthusiastic malcontents. This was a short-term project, a premeditated cultural blip, planned for 12 issues.

BLAST.famy [1994-1995]

Reviews, rants, gen-X-er diatribes, conspiracy theory, and big-brother's technical specs.

Brotherhood of Warez (BoW) [1994-1999]

k-RaD pH0r tHe aYch/Pee NaTi0n.

CATSlash [1996-2000]

Squeezed out on a monthly basis; corn-filled and steaming.

Damage Inc. [1998-2001]

Hack / Phreak / etc.

HWA.hax0r.news [1998-2000]

Hacker security newsletter.

iGA [1998-2000]

Illegal Granted Access. Quebec Monthly Denial Zine. Mostly Phrench. Mostly H/P/A.

K-1ine [1999-2008]

A 'zine for the Canadian undergrØund scene.

LINE NOIZ [1993-1995]


Lucifer's Echo / The Nullifidian [1994-1996]

The E-Zine of Atheistic Secular Humanism and Freethought.

Mindkind [2001-2008]

The Quebec Underground Ezine.

Neo-Comintern [1998-2008]

Subversive literature for subverted people.

Networks and Community [1993-1994]

Networks and Community is devoted to encouraging LOCAL resource creation & GLOBAL resource sharing.

Northern Phun Co. [1992-1994]

Mostly Phrench. Mostly H/P/A.

PyroFreak [1998-2000]

Quebec H/P/A.

Rafale [2006-2008]

Quebec H/P/A.

Space Moose [1989-1999]

Space Moose is a comic-strip that regularly appeared in the University of Alberta student newspaper, The Gateway, from 1989 to 1999.

Suburban Terrorism Online [1999-2003]

Rap and Roll Preservationists. Word.

Swamp Gas Journal [1978-2003]

An irregular ufozine published by Ufology Research of Manitoba.

Total Control [1997-1999]

Quebec H/P/A.

TRIPE [2002-2003]

From the people that bring you the Neo-Comintern.

United Phreakers Incorporated [1990-1992]


Miscellaneous Zines [1991-2005]

Angst, BCHell, BlackZine, Ch1x0rzine, Cropduster, CRTC, Dark Council Digest, Eidolonica Papers, FrHack, HDK, Heartbeat, International Teletimes, More Than One, N.E.R.D / CAM / CHM, NET.SCANDAL, NET.VANDAL, Revival, Robot Protection Agency, SOSHUTUP, Space Between, TeK, TPI, WCP.




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