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  Indonesian update

contributed by Space Rogue
There will be an update to the Indonesian-Timor-Ireland story later today.

Yesterday an Irish ISP accused Indonesia of sponsoring cyber terrorism after it suffered a major DoS attack.

Telepolis - German

  Happy Hacker ain't so Happy

contributed by Netmask
The web site of Carolyn Meinel, author of 'The Happy Hacker' has been cracked by what at first glance looks like HFG. H4ck1ng F0r G1rl13z made headlines last year for cracking the web site of the NY Times. Upon closer examination of the source code of the cracked page it is apparent that this is a spoof.
Since it wasn't HFG who was it? Many people have mailed HNN and pointed the finger at Carolyn herself saying that this is an attempt to get the FBI off her back. Earlier this year the FBI stated that Carolyn Meinel was not a suspect in the NY Times crack and was not even under investigation. Considering the number of enemies Carolyn has this could have been done by anybody.

Note: This story is not 100% confirmed.

HNN Archive of cracked page
Tech Broker - Carolyn Meinel's web site

  Happy Happy Joy Joy

contributed by Anonymous
Happy99.exe, an internet worm, is on the loose in Europe and will soon be in the US. The worm attaches it self to email or usenet postings. Once activated on the client machine it modifies the winsock32.dll file and listens for activity on ports 25 and 119 and then sends copies of itself to newsgroups and email recipients. It is suspected that this worm was written by the same people who wrote the spanska series of viruses. (Damn glad I use a Mac and don't have to worry about this crap.)


  KKK Cracked

contributed by L$D
It would appear that the Ku Klux Klan's main web site has been cracked by S C R E A M of the OnLine Mafia and H.A.R.P (Hackers Against Racist Parties). They promise this will not be the last attack against so called 'Hate Groups'. Unfortunately they felt it was necessary to delete the site. They claim the crack was carried out in retaliation for 'Crimes Against The Human Race'.

HNN Archive of cracked page
Klu Klux Klan

  Intel ID broke?

contributed by p4n3
The boycott may be over but the fallout isn't. Bruce Schneier, president of Counterpane Systems and highly respected cryptologist has written an excellent article in layman terms on why the Intel plan to put ID numbers into chips just won't work in the land of e-commerce.


  Greenpeace cracked

contributed by tcpv
The main web site of Greenpeace, an organization devoted to protecting the environment, has been cracked.

HNN Archive of cracked page - May offend

  Abundance of Service

contributed by HackCanada
I have been sitting on this for a few days but the link wasn't working. A group know as HackCanada has come out with what they are calling an Abundance of Service attack. Yes, this is extremely lame but it is a good way to take down those script kiddie sites you hate so much. Best of all its probably legal. (Disclaimer: Check with your local law enforcement agencies to be sure.)


  Philippines IRS cracked

contributed by z3hp
The web server of the Philippines Bureau of Internal Revenue has been cracked. This page claims to have at least not done any damaged to any data and has pointed to the restore scripts location on the main page. /archive/phil0199 http://www.bir.gov.ph

HNN Archive of cracked page
Philippines Bureau of Internal Revenue

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