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  NSA Key Found in Windows

contributed by netmask
Over the weekend a cryptography key with the label of NSA has been found within MS Windows. Some have immediately assumed that this was a back door that would allow the National Security Agency access to any Windows based system. Microsoft has vehemently denied the charge. Others have have also stated that such a conclusion, while possible, is unlikely. The most likely scenario is that the key was included to pass export restrictions set up by the NSA and was therefore labeled appropriately.

Wired - Second Story
Associated Press - Via San Jose Mercury News
ZD Net
The Australian Age
OSALL - Review of the Aftermath
Microsoft - The Response

The real interesting part of this whole story is that this isn't new. This issue is over three years old.


  Online Gambling is not Secure

contributed by Mathew
Besides worrying about how secure your personal information is you now also have to worry about whether the software you are using is playing fair. Reliable Software Technologies has uncovered a serious flaw in the implementation of Texas Hold 'em Poker that is distributed by ASF Software, Inc.. This software is used by www.planetpoker.com, www.purepoker.com, and www.deltacasino.com all of whom have been notified of this flaw. The flaw exists in the card shuffling algorithm used to generate each deck which allows a malicious user to know the cards in each players hand in real time.

Reliable Software Technologies

  Zyklon Pleads Guilty

contributed by Weld Pond
Zyklon (Eric Burns) has pleaded guilty to charges of defacing the web pages of NATO, Vice President Al Gore, and the United States Information Agency (USIA). Zyklon also admitted that he advised others on how to attack www.whitehouse.gov last May. Zyklon faces a maximum of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine, and possible restitution. His sentencing is scheduled for November 19, 1999.


  Mitnick Transferred to Lompoc Federal Prison

contributed by punkis
Kevin Mitnick has finally been transferred to the facility where he will spend the remainder of his sentence. It was hoped that he would be sent to the Nellis Federal Prison Camp, where living and working conditions would be a little better than what he's lived with for the past four and a half years he spent awaiting trial. He would also be closer to his mother and grandmother. Unfortunately he has been sent to Lompoc Federal Correctional Institution.

Free Kevin
Bureau of Prisons

  C-Span Web Site Defaced

contributed by Wolf D
The cable TV network C-SPAN, which broadcasts House and Senate proceedings and other public affairs programming, had its web page defaced by a group known as the 'United Loan Gunmen'.

CMP TechWeb
Associated Press - Via Yahoo
HNN Cracked Pages Archive

  W. Richard Stevens - Dead at 48

contributed by evil wench
W. Richard Steven noted technology author and teacher died last Wednesday. Stevens was best known for his UNIX Network Programing series and and TCP/IP Illustrated book. The family has asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be made in Richard's name to Habitat for Humanity, 2950 E. 22nd Street, Tucson, AZ 85713. He is survived by his wife and three children. The cause of death was not reported.

Big Deal Classifieds - His Obituary
Habitat for Humanity

Some books written by Richard Stevens:
TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1 : The Protocols
Unix Network Programming : Networking Apis: Sockets and Xti (Volume 1)
UNIX Network Programming: Interprocess Communications (Volume 2)
Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment
Unix Network Programming

  New Palm Pilot RedBox for Canada is Released

contributed by Hack.Canada
Cyb0rg/asm has released a new, stand-alone version of RedPalm, a Canadian Red Box for the Palm Pilot. This revision corrects timing issues related to processor clock speed on the newer Pilots, as well as featuring quarter, dime, and nickel tones and a snazzy new interface. (This will not work in the US or most other countries due to differences in the types of tones the various phone systems use.)

Hack Canada

  Windows2000test Suffers Attack

contributed by Weld Pond
A poison packet attack directed against window2000test.com has been claimed to have been successful by the perpetrators. Microsoft claims the server withstood the attack and manually disabled the attackers. (Why are people wasting their time with this? Go do something useful.)


  Flex-LM Security Breached

contributed by Arik
A security hole has been found in Globetrotter Software Inc.'s Flex-LM, a software package used to prevent pirating of electronic design automation (EDA) tools. The breach allows end users to generate keys to bypass the software's copy protection schemes. Some EDA tools retail for upwards of $44,000 per user.

Electronic News

  Customers of Numerous ISPs Victims of Fraud

contributed by Dark VVulf
A new and interesting form of fraud has appeared around the net. It works like this, a new but similar web site is set up, then the ISPs user base is spamed telling them that their accounts are over due. The email directs the users to the fake web site and asks them to reenter their credit card information. The users then find large charges on their credit card bills. At least three ISPs have been hit with this scam.


  Air Force Asks to Preserve 'Panther Den'

contributed by Weld Pond
The Air Force has asked House and Senate appropriators to restore almost $500,000 recently cut from the FY 2000 budget. The monies were earmarked for a highly classified program to protect military computer networks from electronic attacks. The program is known as the 'Panther Den'. Further details on 'Panther Den' are unavailable due to its classified nature.

JYA.com - originally from 'Inside the Air Force'

  $19.6 Million Awarded to Create DOD IDS

contributed by mortel
The Defensive Information Warfare Technology Applications (DIWTA) contract, a four year $19.6 million agreement, has been awarded to Litton/PRC Inc. by the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate, in Rome, N.Y. This contract requires the development of a development of an automated intrusion-detection system, which will be added to a larger DOD system to detect and gather data on computer intrusions.

Federal Computer Week

  UK Plans Super Group to Crack Crypto

contributed by Weld Pond
With a budget of 15-20 million, the UK will establish a group of specialist code-crackers. The unit is being set up to counter the growing use of encrypted e-mail by criminals.

News Unlimited

  Nationwide Identity Database Plans Started in 1997

contributed by mortel
Earlier this year it had been reported that Image Data LLC in New Hampshire had been buying up driver license photo's and other information from around the country to create a nationwide identity database. The Electronic Privacy Information Center has discovered from over 300 documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act that the original idea for this plan came about back in 1997 when it was first presented to the US Secret Service.

Electronic Privacy Information Center

  Game Boy Advance to Connect to the Internet

contributed by frost_frozen
While over a year away from release (nothing like a little advance hype) the next version of Nintendo's Game Boy will have Internet connection capability. The Game Boy Advance will be able to use a cell phone and modem to connect to Internet to play network games, exchange pictures, chat, and even read and send email. (And I wonder what other interesting things that it can be made to do. hehehe)


contributed by InET - Media
Crackdown in Latin America?
We have heard a rumor about a possible conspiracy against Latin American technology enthusiasts by several intelligence organizations from various countries. Specifically the rumor mentions the capture of 50 "hackers" in Colombia and others in Latin America. If somebody has more information, please let us know.

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