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  Fight Wassenaar!

contributed by Space Rogue
The Wassenaar Arrangement threatens every ones liberty. If you do not know about this then find out NOW! If this arrangement is passed into law by the 33 supporting countries it will be a dark day indeed for personal liberty and freedom. This agreement would make it illegal to record a TV broadcast for personal use. If you think crypto controls are tight now you should see what will happen once this gets through.

John Gilmore's Call To Arms
Listing of current crypto mirrors
An Internet strike has been called for December 14th
The Wassenaar Arrangement web site
Full text of the Wassenaar Arrangement

  Palm Pilot RedBox

contributed by Space Rogue
You may have heard about it on your local TV news last night. I know I did. HNN first reported this last week, mainstream media is a little slow I guess. The Palm Pilot can be used to steal cars. Whoopee. Any device, including Palm Pilots and Universal TV remotes, that can learn IR codes can be used as an Auto theft device.

The big part of the story that just about everyone missed, and HNN mentioned this yesterday, is that the Palm Pilot can be used as a Red Box in some countries, specifically Canada. A lot of people sent in email and said "Hey, no way. The Palm Pilot speaker is not capable of generating dual frequency tones." This is correct which is why this will not work in the US. In the US the sound made by a pay phone when a coin is inserted is a dual frequency tone. It is impossible for the speaker in the Palm Pilot to reproduce this tone.

In Canada however, the sound a coin makes when dropping into a pay phone is a single frequency of 2200Hz. This is something that the Palm Pilot can definitely reproduce. A hacker in Canada has actually written a little Basic program that runs on cBasePad, a Basic interpreter for the Palm Pilot. This little four line ware will produce the tones you need to fool a Canadian pay phone into thinking you have inserted a coin.

All of this is not the fault of 3Com or Palm Computing. The fault lies with the telephone companies and auto manufacturers. If someone uses a paper clip to pick a lock should we blame the guy who made the paper clip or the guy who made the low security lock? Unless you, as a consumer, demand better products all your going to get is crap.

Hack Canada - get your Basic Code here

Late Update
Chris Oakes at Wired picks up this story

  Passwords old school?

contributed by Space Rogue
Passwords are passe. The net requires more than just passwords to ensure security. They need Biometrics. (Ed. Note: What is Biometrics other than a different type of password. Once the biological information enters the system it is digital data and can be manipulated just like anything else. The use of biometrics alone is not what will be secure. It is the implementation. The author of this article fails to realise that.)

Nando Times

  Steal on the run, still.

contributed by Space Rogue
It really amazes me how long it takes for old news to die. A few people sent this link to me today and I saw it on some other web sites recently. This story is almost a month old. Agent Steal (Justin Peterson) has skipped bail, is on the run, and probabl y will not show up to testify at Kevin Mitnick's trial.

HNN news from November 11, 1998
Washington Post

contributed by Anonymous
The war between HcV, Iron Lungs and Hackcity continues to rage. The latest victim was www.slampcoach.com which was defaced last night. The new web pages poke fun at HcV and Iron Lungs. It labels them as a bunch of prepubescent script kiddies with no skills.

HackCity - Warning XXX pop ups when exiting site.

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