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  The Happy Hacker ain't so happy

contributed by Ex Machina
Carolyn Meinel, self proclaimed security expert, is now being considered a suspect in the Hacking For Girlies, New York Times crack, or at least so she says. The FBI has no comment and will not confirm nor deny the allegations that they are harassing her. Supposedly Carolyn Meinel was contacted by the FBI and asked to take a lie detector test regarding the New York Times incident. While Carolyn Meinel's name was mentioned in the code of the HFG page that was posted to the NYT web site so where several other people and groups. I know that several of those people and groups have not been contacted by the FBI at all in regards to this case.

Happy Hacker

Late Update
Evidently the timing of Carolyn Meinel's press conference yesterday was not an accident. Rumor on the net is that Disorder has been arrested in connection with the HFG, NYT crack. This rumor is substantiated by friends of his who say they where questioned by the FBI in relation to Disorders involvement. Disorder has been unreachable for the last few days and his web site has been off line since Monday.

We recieved another email that stated the FBI was at Dimensional Communications LLC without a warrant asking to snoop around in the files of sekurity.org and the personal files of a user named 'jericho'. Another email stated that 'jericho' had indeed been arrested and his computer confiscated.

We have no confirmation of the above information. If anyone has any to ad please lets us know.

  CDA II alive and kicking

contributed by Space Rogue
The Child Online Protections Act (CDA II) is still in court, and still being fought by 17 plaintiffs, including the ACLU and the EFF, seeking to prevent its enforcement. The next hearing is scheduled for January 20 and 21st.


  Tax cut for Hackers?

contributed by Space Rogue
Carl Malamud, pioneer of radio internet broadcasting, is pushing to give hackers a tax break. His proposal is to let anyone who writes open source software be able to deduct expenses from their income.


  Cracking Secrets revealed

contributed by Space Rogue
Seminars will be held for network security specialists by International Network Security K.K. to show them the latest cracking techniques. These seminars will include practical applications of penetration testing to broaden the attendees skills.


  Piracy Tool or backup protection?

contributed by Weld Pond
A Connecticut judge has forced ImagineThat from distributing its software. ImagineThat sells RivalLock and IceLock two software titles used to unlock a $13,000 CAD program 'Mastercam' made by CNC software. RivalLock and IceLock have been specifically marketed towards CNC customers as a way to defeat the dongle required to utilize the program.


  Pilot RedBox still in the news

contributed by Space Rogue
The San Jose Mercury News finnally decides to pick up the story we had last week about the Palm Pilot and RedBoxing in Canada . HNN gets mentioned as "Another report said..." hrrmmmph

HNN Archive for December 11,1998
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  Worlds smallest Firewall

contributed by Space Rogue
Yet another example of the mainstream media picking up a story long after it has occurred. This time it is the Boston Globe who is running a story on the smallest combination locks ever. These locks have the potential to become the smallest firewall ever.

The Boston Globe

contributed by Fluxx
We received a message from 'root@knownet.cpbi.org' claiming that www.cpbi.org had been cracked wide open. Sure enough when we looked the site had a big "Fluxx Ownz You" graphic in the middle of it. The cracked page and graphics where very similar to those posted to www.jackdaniels.com earlier this week.

HNN Archive of www.jackdaniels.com

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