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It can be difficult to pry oneself away from a high-speed internet connection to slum it in modem-land. Does anybody even care anymore? If you care, mail updates and additions with relevant info to .

We still care. Sort of. When you consider the commercialized, government regulated, privacy-invading state that the Internet is currently in, it makes one wonder if BBS's might not still have practical uses. At the very least, how many of you still even know how to use a modem? How many of you have never used one? Playing with BBS's is a novel way to practice your terminal skills, AT commands, dial strings, and scripting with your modem. It might get you interested in exploring other systems that still have dial-ins. There are still plenty of systems connected to modems and you wouldn't believe some of the stuff that is out there waiting to be discovered.

Otherwise, really, it's just a short trip down memory lane.

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British Columbia

BBS # Running Bps City/Town Notes Verified
Valley II Synchronet Kelowna, BC Messages/Networks, Online Games, General BBS, Chat. Sysop: Olivier Dube 2011-01
Victoria Telecommunity Network 727-3335 SunOS 5.8 Victoria, BC Mail, news, web. 2011-01
BBS # Running Bps City/Town Notes Verified
BandMaster, The 266-1977
Maximus 16,800, V34, V32b, V42b, VFC, V32T Vancouver, BC Sysop utils/Doors, Files, General BBS, Messages/Networks, Fidonet. Sysop: Dallas Hinton 2011-01
Project Old School RemoteAccess Vancouver, BC Project Old School is dedicated to old BBS door games such as LORD, and has a community of local message forums. 2011-01

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BBS # Running Bps City/Town Notes Verified
Calgary Community-Net Linux Calgary, AB Mail, WWW. Login=guest 2011-01
Gypsy 242-3221 33600, V32b, V32T, V42b, V34 Calgary, AB Fidonet. Sysop: Kevin Klement 2011-01
Opportunity Network, The 241-8911 9600, V32b, V42b Calgary, AB Fidonet. Sysop: Janusz Suchorolski 2011-01
BBS # Running Bps City/Town Notes Verified
RoadRunner X 473-RRX0
Synchronet for Linux 33600, V34, V32b, V42b, VFC, V32T Edmonton, AB Files, FTP, GOPHER, HTTP, IRC, NNTP, POP3, TELNET, DOVE-Net, FidoNet, USENET. Sysop: Randy Sommerfeld 2011-01
Xanadu 439-8364 RoboBOARD FX 33600, V32b, V42b, V34, VFC Edmonton, AB Xanadu is a general public board for those interested in all varieties of BBS related activites. We have a large base of available files, FIDO news, various mail networks and a large variety of doors. In particular we provide a number of InterBBS BRE and FE leagues with boards from across the world. Sysop: Charles Cruden 2011-01

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BBS # Running Bps City/Town Notes Verified
Bring on the Night 373-4218 Saskatoon, SK 2011-01
Synchronix [alt] Synchronet Yorkton, SK Currently just a test site for the *nix versions of Synchronet. Fidonet. Sysop: Stephen Hurd 2011-01

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BBS # Running Bps City/Town Notes Verified
Eric the BBS Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 Winnipeg, MB Messages/Networks, Chat. Sysop: Greg Moeller 2011-01

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BBS # Running Bps City/Town Notes Verified
Ability Online 650-5411 Wildcat Toronto, ON Messages/Networks, Special Interest. Sysop: Colin Marsden 2011-01
Diskshop Synchronet for Linux Toronto, ON 4 nodes, zer0net, dovenet. 2011-01
Jamming Signal BBS EBBS64 1200 Toronto, ON Run on a real Commodore 64! General discussion of Commodore 8-bit topics, with an emphasis on methods of hooking Commodore computers up to the Internet. Primarily a demonstration system, but message bases are quite active. 2011-01
Toronto Freenet FreeBSD Toronto, ON E-mail, WWW. Login: guest 2011-01
BBS # Running Bps City/Town Notes Verified
Swamp BBS, The Worldgroup Kitchener, ON 64-nodes telnet for MajorMud, Tradewars 2002, many more games, teleconference/chat, messages, file downloads. Free/Donation. 2011-01
BBS # Running Bps City/Town Notes Verified
Lion's Den, The 392-8896 Synchronet 1200-28.8k V.FC Trenton, ON E-mail, chat rooms, online games, FidoNet, file areas. Sysop: Joe Delahaye 2011-01
National Capital Free-Net 520-1135
SunOS 5.8 33.6k Ottawa, ON E-mail, WWW, newsgroups, telnet, IRC. 2011-01
Ottawa PC Users Group (PUB II) Wildcat 6.3 Ottawa, ON Messages, files. 2011-01
BBS # Running Bps City/Town Notes Verified
SBBS Orillia Synchronet Orillia, ON Fidonet, messages, files. 2011-01
BBS # Running Bps City/Town Notes Verified
Darkrealms 275-9426 Renegade 2400-56.6k Toronto, ON Since 1994, Darkrealms has served as an on-line roleplaying community for the Greater Toronto Area and is one of the worlds largest Renegade BBS's still remaining. LORD, TradeWars 2002, Usurper, and more. Full Fidonet backbone and thousands of Usenet groups on-line, as well as Internet Email. 4 nodes. Sysop: Atreyu 2011-01
Hamilton-Wentworth Freenet 540-5010 Unix Hamilton, ON Mail, news. 2011-01
HomeWard Bound 840-0592
Spitfire 9600, V32b, V42b Brampton, ON 26 CD-ROM drives. Over 45GB on CD-ROM, 20GB online storage. No ratios. Sysop: Ernest Nachtigall 2011-01

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Nova Scotia

BBS # Running Bps City/Town Notes Verified
Chebucto Community Net SunOS Halifax, NS Mail, news, WWW. 2011-01
Ville, The 442-2725 Synchronet for Linux Lower Sackville, NS 4 nodes. 2011-01

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