What will we be doing? R0xiN the HAU-aus, BIzaTch!!!@@!2121lf... But that goes with out saying. In addition to the rocking of the aforementioned house, we will also be releasing BO2k. We won't reveal our sekrets of BO-Fu, but trust me when we tell you that it will make BackOrifice v1.0 look like LOGO for the TI99/4a.

Founded in 1984, the Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc) is the oldest group still active in the computer underground; the only group (aside from a few layme p1RaT3 gR0oPzZz) with a female group member; the only group to host its own annual HoHoCon hacker convention; and, with over 300 text files in circulation, the most prolific group. cDc is definitely cooler than the Legion of Doom (LoD), and more importantly, our T-shirts are more colorful. We also have stickers.

Great, you may say, but have we ever disrupted communications on two continents by moving telecommunications satellites? Mhm. Hacked computing resources belonging to the three-letter agencies and the Pentagon? Yep. Altered environmental controls in local malls via modem? Done that. But unlike other hacker groups you've undoubtedly read about, we've never been caught.

With qualifications like these, it's not surprising that over the past few years, the media has looked to us as the darling boy (and girl) torch-bearers of the DIY-cyber-hacker-underground movement. It's our unfortunate cross to bear. But as the whole of Generation X follows our lead into the new millennium, we feel it is our duty to our peers to maintain the struggle and "raise high our freak flag," as it were. On their behalf, we intend to dominate and subvert the media wherever possible. Information is a virus. And we intend to infect all of you.


BO2K... show some control.