Hacker cons are an opportunity for like-minded people to meet, share information, and generally spread beer-fueled mayhem. These pages are more or less a digital scrapbook of Hack Canada's con experiences. For a comprehensive list of cons check out the Other Conventions page at

Unfortunately, since 2001-09-11 it has simply been an affront to our common sense to even think about entering the US. Fucking terrorists made us forever miss out on going to HOPE! Sigh. Maybe we'll visit cons in other lands someday...

DEF CON 9 : July 13-15, 2001, Las Vegas, Nevada. Hack Canada was there.

DEF CON 8 : July 28-30, 2000, Las Vegas, Nevada. Hack Canada invades Las Vegas; photo archive.

DEF CON 7 : July 9-11, 1999, Las Vegas, Nevada. Yeah, we were there. Yeah, it kicked ass. Yeah, we've got pics, reviews, and Palm resources.