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And this is just the stuff that we are willing to admit to!

BarWatch: Personal Privacy? Like We Care! - BOYCOTT BARWATCH! BarWatch is a complete violation of your privacy rights. Be informed. Protect yourself. CYBØRG/ASM, 2004/06/09

Why 7-11 Can Suck My Cock - CYBØRG/ASM, 2003/10/16

Canadian Government IP List ... for your firewalling/scanning pleasure. h410G3n, 2002/02/28

Canadian Packet Switching Networks - The Clone, 2002/01/15

Insane DoS Attacking with RSTs - h410G3n, 2001/05/21

Simple tool for "dissolving" Windows NT/2000 services as well as taking down inetd on some *NIX boxes - h410G3n, 2001/04/14

Remotely hard crash Xerox Connected Printers - h410G3n, 2001/04/13

An Introduction to A-TIP (Alarm-Triggered Internet Protocol) - The Clone, 2001/01/21

Canadian University Dial-up List - The Clone, 2000/09/17

Canada's DNA Database: Privacy's last stronghold destroyed - Canadian government sticks its hands in our genes. CYBØRG/ASM, 2000/07/21

Canada's Big Brother: HRDC and The Longitudinal Labour Force File - A frightening massive-scale privacy invading database which holds thousands of pieces of personal information on each of more than 33 million Canadians. Fear. HC, 2000/05/19

TD Bank; VISA account privacy issue - The Clone, 2000/02/10

Gaining physical access to Server and Telecom rooms (v2.1) - Wizbone, 2000/01/06

A fictional representation of a dream Wizbone once had - Cracking Win98. Wizbone, 1999/10/09

Corporate Espionage: Easier than you think - The Clone, 1999/08/18

How to insanely piss off ETS bus drivers - h410G3n, 1999/08/08

Complete Guide to AGNPAC v2.0 - The most comprehensive publicly available document about the Alberta Government packet switched network. CYBØRG/ASM, 1999/05/30

AGNPAC NUA Directory v.o.3 - CYBØRG/ASM & The Clone, 1999/05

Adventures in Trashing #1 - A tale of booze, blades, cops, girls, and old iron. CYBØRG/ASM, 1999/05

AK-47: Semi-Auto to Full-Auto Conversion - CYBØRG/ASM, 1999/03

Phrankie Wizbone's Guide to Successful Skitchin' - Guide to bumper hitching on roller-blades. Wizbone, 1998

ExploiteD! By Phf - Beware of this Phf exploit trap. Lord Phungus, 1997/11

Social Insurance Number Authentication - The most comprehensive publicly available document detailing the Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN). CYBØRG/ASM, 1995-2017

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