"Audio Machine"

(by Andrew Moya, January 2005)

    It's me again, Andrew Moya. I've taken another step forward with the original design. Instead of using the Parallel Port, I've designed a stand alone unit that can be used without a computer. Using a LM567 Tone Decoder and a suitable audio input from a CD you can experience the same extreme meditation. I was driven to make such a device when I discovered that BrainStar2 ("BRAINSTAR STILL EXCELLENT!!") was not capable of producing sound with XP. Maybe it can, but I couldn't get it to work. I used sounds from Brain Wave Generator to enhance my experience. Without HackCanada.com I would have never discovered this wonderful world of BIOFEEDBACK. Thanks HACKCANADA!!! If anyone has any questions about where to order parts, my Email is Mo42oya_420@yahoo.com.

    Estimated TOTAL Cost was USD$50.00. That's with extra parts.

    Update: 2005/01/20

    This is the completed project. I purchased a Project
    Encloser from Radio Shack to house the unit.
    A few tips if trying to duplicate.
    In the Circuit Diagram you must Double Every component
    EXCEPT: the Battery and Voltage Regluator. A good
    place for Parts is MOUSER.com They have all parts
    GOOD LUCK. Feel Free to Email Me with feedback or
    anything you might need help on.
    A TWO Thumbs Up to CYB0RG/ASM.
    Also Follow up on BRAINSTAR2... A DOS Emulator can be
    used if you have problems with DOS based programs 
    DOSBOX - There is a SOUND Emulator also that can be
    found with DOSBOX. These two programs will solve
    issues with Windows XP.
    Here is a List of Catalog numbers for all Parts...
    Mouser Part #: 581-06033C103M Page 528    
    Mfr. Part #: 06033C103MAT2A Data Sheet    
    Mfr: AVX    
    Category: 0603 Ceramic Capacitors    
    Description: AVX 0603 SMD Ceramic Capacitors .01UF 25V
    20% X7R 
    In Stock
    1: $0.160    
    100: $0.130    
    500: $0.080    
    1000: $0.052    
    2000: View 
    Mouser Part #: 140-PF1H502K Page 523    
    Mfr. Part #: 140-PF1H502K Data Sheet    
    Mfr: Xicon    
    Category: Polyester Film Capacitors    
    Description: Xicon Radial Polyester Film Capacitors
    CAP 50V .005uF 10% 
    In Stock
    1: $0.100    
    100: $0.052    
    500: $0.047    
    1000: $0.043    
    2000: View 
    Mouser Part #: 140-100Z5-203Z Page 561    
    Mfr. Part #: 140-100Z5-203Z Data Sheet    
    Mfr: Xicon    
    Category: Ceramic Disc Capacitors    
    Description: Xicon Ceramic Disc Capacitors .02uF 100V
    Z5U Z 
    1: $0.120    
    200: $0.057    
    400: $0.054    
    1000: $0.051    
    2000: View 
    Mouser Part #: 581-08053G105Z Page 529    
    Mfr. Part #: 08053G105ZAT2A Data Sheet    
    Mfr: AVX    
    Category: 0805 Ceramic Capacitors    
    Description: AVX 0805 SMD Ceramic Capacitors 25V 1.0UF
    In Stock
    1: $0.340    
    100: $0.300    
    500: $0.260    
    1000: $0.210    
    2000: View 
    Mouser Part #: 511-L7805ACV    
    Mfr. Part #: L7805ACV    
    Mfr.: STMicroelectronics    
    Description: ST Voltage Regulators
    TO-220AB 5.0V 1.0A Positive    
    Category: Regulators - ICs 
    7,335 Ships Immediately    
    Estimated Factory Lead Time: 4 weeks    
    1: $ 0.760    
    100: $ 0.440
    500: $ 0.300
    1,000: $ 0.260
    2,000: $ 0.259 
    Mouser Part #: 31CX405 Page 431    
    Mfr. Part #: 31CX405 Data Sheet    
    Mfr: Xicon    
    Category: Panel Mount Potentiometers    
    Description: Xicon 13mm Carbon Potentiometers 13MM PC
    MNT 50K LINR 
    In Stock
    1: $1.960    
    10: $1.630    
    100: $1.490    
    500: $1.350    
    1000: View 
    STOCK NUMBER                  PRICE  Ext. Price
    513-NJM567D         8       8 Ships Immediately     
    IC CHIP