255 Separate Random CES Frequencies

Hi, Cyborg.

Always trying to do better than the last time. Please find attached a Circuit which promises to deliver 255 separate Random CES frequencies.

Bob Beck said somewhere, that he had designed a CES Circuit which could SIMULTANEOUSLY deliver 256 of the most important and relevant Ces frequencies! I've thought long and hard about how he could have designed such a Circuit and the following design is my contribution to this debate.

Basically a cheap watch Xtal is divided down to 32 Hz by a CD4060 and this is fed as a clock signal ito a CD4015 Serial to Parallel Shift Register (SiPo). An 8 bit SiPo has Maximum length sequence of 2^8 - 1 (255 possible Random sequences) and these are irreducible and prime over the entire Galois field. We achieve this by taking taps from the SiPo at Tap 4, 5, 6, and 8 and feeding these to the Quad Xor gates on the CD4030 before feeding it to the earclips.

Please note that this is an experimental circuit only and is included here to stimulate interest and debate in this important field of Alternative health and Chemical-free relaxation. The author would appreciate any feedback, improvements and suggestions You might care to make. Keep on Buzzin.

John-Alfred Ullasmann

No Rights Reserved; it's ALL free anyway!!

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