A Little Insight Into the Voodoo Magick Boxes

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I recently bought a voodoo machine from the clone during the nettwerked liquidation of the voodoo machines (and by the way, i'm a satisfied customer) and after first using it, immediately i thought, how does this thing work? I mean, i've read the articles about neural stimulation, but I wanted to know how the machine itself worked, not just the concepts behind it. So what did i do? i opened it up. and i was somewhat shocked to see how incredibly simple the circuitry was, in fact, i'll bet it could be slimmed down even more to basically just a pulse chip, a couple resistors, and a battery (but it also could be as simple as possible already, i don't know) the theory being, that the voltage is irrelevant, just the frequency that is produced (the voltage is not entirely irrelevant, it must be high enough to run the device and at the same time not fry you like an egg). i did a little investigating, and i found that results similar to those that the voodoo produce could be very easily reproduced, in fact, at only 1 htz, i was able to recreate the same effects as the voodoo machine! Now i have heard people say that the voodoo is nothing more than a battery and clips that were fancied up by blinking lights, but this is not possible, as the effects were not triggered by the application of voltage, (if this were the case, you would be high every time you were charged with static electricity) the effects are actually brought on by the frequency created by the voodoo. the body cannot adapt because the current keeps changing (well, not really, it's just blinking on and off) so your body releases endorphins (see, that's the misconception, people are sceptical about if it could really have any effect, when in reality, it is your own body that makes you 'high', the voodoo just coaxes your body into this state) in reality, what makes the voodoo so amazing is its effectiveness, ease of use, and simplicity. anyone can cause endorphin release by experiencing intense pain, or even just eating spicy food. But the voodoo brings on the effects much faster and stronger than either of those (and i doubt anyone would want to break their leg to induce endorphin release ) The voodoo machine is more like an amazingly simple yet functional invention rather than the miracle box everyone dreams it to be, in fact, i'm surprised that it wasn't created sooner! If you get the chance, pick up one of these sweet little devices and try it for yourself. (at the time of writing, voodoo machines are (were) on sale at www.nettwerked.net).

Cybur Netiks (cybur_netiks@Phreaker.net)

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