Hacking the Voodoo Magick Box - Cranial Electrostimulation

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Voodoo Magick Box
The original personal pleasure machine. So small it travels anywhere. Hack it up, take it to the party or club, and trip like never before!

Got a cool CES hack? Homebrew machine? Trip report? Circuit diagram? Or other CES information that we've overlooked? !

Reader's Dope
- CES Circuit Diagrams [8]
- Trip Reports [1]
- CES Image Gallery [5]

I am not an electronics expert or a biofeedback specialist. If you fry your hardware (or your wetware) don't come whining (or drooling) to me. I assume no responsibility for what you do with the information presented in these pages.

Based on Cranial Electro-Stimulation (CES) research and technology, the Voodoo Magick Box by Voodoo Machine is/was the World's first 'digital drug'. It makes you feel drunk and high and see pretty lights and it is a proven cure for many of the most common ailments plaguing our modern society. We think it's good, but we also think certain features can be improved. So we've started ripping 'em apart and hot-rodding them. And since they are no longer in production, we offer some guidance on how to build your own as well as some insight into the conspiracy which appears to be holding this technology back.

CES: The Science and The Conspiracy
Cranial Electro-Stimulation -- what it is, how it works, why it's great, where to get it, and the apparent conspiracy holding it back from widespread use and acceptance in North America. — CYBØRG/ASM, 2005-10-26
CES Circuit Plan 1
How to build a 2 chip CES machine. — author unknown
CES Circuit Plan 2
How to build a simple 1 chip CES machine. Three additional variations on this circuit are included. — M.K.ULTRA
VoodooMachine.com [mirror]
A copy of the VoodooMachine.com site before it disappeared. — circa 2002
Review of 'VoodooMagickBox'
Learn more about what it is like to experience a digital drug. — The Clone, 2002-08
Voodoo Machine Earclip Mod
This alternative electrode design is more stylish than the standard ear-clips. — Wizbone, 2002-09
Voodoo Magick Box Brain-Wave Goggles
A very simple hack to add brain-wave goggles to your Voodoo Magick Box. — CYBØRG/ASM, 2002-10

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