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How do I use the Voodoo Magick Box? You simply dab a little contact gel onto the ear-clips and clip them to your earlobes. Then, adjust the power control to a comfortable level, sit back, relax, and enjoy the euphoric sensations.
What does it feel like? Almost immediately you will experience a strong feeling of inebriation, as if you had just slammed back a few martinis. The feelings of intoxication will be coupled with a sense of pleasant relaxation. During use some people will notice a subjective change in their body weight. You might feel heavier at first and then lighter, or you may simply feel lighter initially. You will also begin to notice psychedelic flashes of light in your peripheral vision. A relaxed state remains and a profound sense of alertness is achieved.
How does it work?

The Voodoo Magick Box is based on a tiny embedded computer. Developed from existing medical technology, the unit is a safe method of combatting stress. Until now this science was only found in hospitals and treatment centers. Voodoo Machine has introduced this product for recreational use.

The brain produces natural chemicals like serotonin and dopamine to increase feelings of relaxation and pleasure. Therapy of this nature has been observed by researchers to increase production of these substances. This helps to melt tension away as you enter a preferred state of consciousness. Research has led to the hypothesis that it has a mild effect on the hypothalmic area of the brain. Researchers have also noticed rapid increases in serotonin, also associated with relaxation and calmness, and decreases in cortisol, one of the primary stress-related biochemicals. Interestingly, it also increases levels of norepinephrine and dopamine, both associated with alertness and feelings of pleasure. This may be why so many users report feeling both relaxed and alert while using the Voodoo Magick Box.

Note: This is not anywhere near the same thing as electro-shock/convulsive therapy.

How long do the effects last? The relaxed/alert state will usually remain for an average of 12 to 72 hours after the first few sessions. With regular use it is possible for the user to habituate to this preferred state of consciousness.
How might it help me with...

Sexual Performance? Sex is taken to a whole new level with the use of the Magick Box! Floating sensations, euphoric endorphin release, and feelings of intoxication all work together to enrich your sexual experiences. The relaxation effects of the Voodoo Magick Box may help relieve performance anxiety and improve your ability to perform sexually. Many users report having stronger orgasms, and relief from impotence, vaginal dryness, and more!

Addictions? Voodoo Magick Box truly is the perfect recreational 'drug'. Completely harmless, non-addictive, legal, affordable, and it leaves you in control. In fact, research has shown nothing but good side effects. How's that for a change? Magick Box customers report using it to help ease withdrawal and beat their addictions to alcohol, street drugs, nicotine, prescription drugs, and more.

Memory and Concentration? Voodoo Magick Box makes a great study aid! Users report an appreciable improvement in their abilities to concentrate, study, and recall information. By the second week of use, users say cognitive processing is visibly enhanced. Mental confusion due to stress may begin to subside as the ability to focus and concentrate on work becomes easier. The ability to recall information and accelerate learning should begin to return to normal pre-stress levels as concentration and memory improve.

Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia? Stress is a major factor in all of these problems. Users of the Voodoo Magick Box report a significant reduction and even total elimination of these problems by using the Magick Box whenever they are feeling stressed out or anxious. Most people will experience a relaxation response almost immediately after turning the Magick Box on. Sleep patterns tend to normalize within the first day or two, with faster onset of sleep after going to bed, less periods of restlessness during the night, and a greater feeling of being rested upon awakening in the morning. Users also often experience an increase in vivid dreaming and deep REM sleep. The feelings of peace and relaxation can last up to 3 days from just one 20-minute session!

Note: We can not and do not make any medical claims or guarantees to the efficacy or suitability of these products.

How does it mix with other drugs? We do not condone the use of illegal narcotics. Users are advised to consult a physician before using the Magick Box with any drug, narcotic, or if you have any medical conditions.
Is this safe? Yes. Voodoo Magick Box technology has been tested thoroughly and at length and there are no known contraindications for its use. However, even though it has not been proven unsafe, Voodoo Magick Box should not be used by those known to be epileptic, pregnant, or those using implanted electronic devices. Because of the feeling of induced relaxation that results while using Voodoo Magick Box it is not recommended for use while operating dangerous equipment or while driving.
Is it possible to overuse it? You can't really overuse it. There have been no reported adverse effects from more frequent use. The unit turns itself off after 20 minutes to ensure you don't fall asleep with it on. If a longer session is desired simply reset the unit.
Where can I purchase the Voodoo Magick Box? Voodoo Magick Box is not sold in stores and is available exclusively from this website. We are not presently working with any other distributors or retailers.
Are the products shipped discreetly? Absolutely. We respect your privacy. Our products are shipped in plain packaging. Furthermore, we will keep your personal information to ourselves and will absolutely not sell, trade, or otherwise misuse it.

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