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The Orishas are divine beings. They are the emissaries of the Voodoo Gods. They rule over the forces of nature and the endeavors of humanity. They recognize themselves and are recognized through their different numbers and colors which are their marks and through their sigils which are illustrated below. Each has their own favorite foods and other things that they like to receive as offerings and gifts. In this way we make our offerings in the manner they are accustomed to, in the way they have always received them, so that they will recognize our offerings and come to our aid.


Taebo and Kainde are the twin sons of Chango (the thunder god) and Oshun (the love goddess). The twins are perpetually youthful, intelligent, playful, and excellent at solving problems. They are particularly talented at curing illness, most particularly mental or emotional illness. They are protectors of home and children. They symbolize the dual poles of existence. Their colors are those of their parents, Chango and Oshun.

Taebo and Kainde are also good at causing luck at gambling and money matters, until they get bored, and are often appealed to in a situation where a miracle is needed. In such a situation, the supplicant creates an altar to the twins with the figures of two identical boys. Then a party is thrown in their honor, with cake, ice cream, and anything else that children would like. This can take the form of an actual party with other guests if appropriate. It is appropriate to offer a blood sacrifice only if it is specifically requested. The correct offerings are usually identical plates of sweets or cakes left before their images or talisman. If they are happy with the party, the miracle will occur.

Vamos comer cararu, dois, dois.
Na praia tem caruru.
Vamos comer cararu, dois, dois.
No bosque tem caruru.
Vamos comer cararu, dois, dois.
No terreiro tem caruru,
Vamos chamar as criancas
Pra comer munguaza
Vamos chamar as criancas
Pra sarava no conga.
Vamos chamar o Joaozinho
Mariazinha e Cipriano
Vamos chamar Zezinho
O Manezinho e o Mariano

Most masculine and macho of spirits. His traditional image is that of a beautiful, very muscular man who carries a double-headed ax. His colors are red and white and his day is Friday.

Chango is possibly the most popular of all spirits. He can bring luck, love, strength (physical and moral), and sexual prowess. He likes to get drunk, but sometimes forbids his followers to do the same. He is also a womanizer and a talented magician hence his usefulness in love spells. He is a lord of thunder and fire and can cause storms and tempests.

His usual offerings include the sweetest, reddest apples that can be found, pomegranates, and palm oil. Among the birds he prefers as blood offerings are roosters, turkey, and quail. He also accepts turtles.

Abrindo a minha engira
Com Zambi e com Chango!
Abrindo a minha engira
Com Zambi e com Chango!
Sarava, seu Alafim!
Sarava, seu Algoao!
Sarava, seu Alafim!
Sarava, seu Aganju!

Oshun is the love goddess and the patroness of gold. She is the mother of the Ibeyi twins and, because of her attributes, one of the most popular spirits. She is invoked in love spells, particularly by women, and by men in the acquisition of wealth. It is said that she is moody, and must be kept satisfied, or she will take away all she has given. If you have made a promise to her and do not keep it, you can make no greater enemy.

Her sacred place in nature, aside from the bedroom, is around fresh flowing water, such as rivers or streams. Offerings or spells done in her honor are especially effective if done at a river or stream. These should not be done by the ocean, as that is the kingdom of her sister Yemanja.

She is envisioned as a beautiful woman with copper-colored skin and long hair. Along with gold, her sacred metal is copper (which was also sacred to the Venus) and her number is five. Her colors are white and yellow and her day is Saturday. Her symbol is the mirror, her weapon the Magical Mirror, because she knows how to travel through it unto the astral realm to operate her charms.

Mamae Oshun
Papai Ogum Beira Mar
Estavam brincando na areia
Com o rosario de Iemanja
Arue minha mae
Minha mae me ensinou a nadar
Minha mae e raihna do mar
Tem areia, Tem areia
Adociaba no mar
Mamae Sereia

Ogun is the fighter-god, the war-god. He is lord of iron and patron of all conflicts and competitions. He is lord of tools and weapons such as machetes and hammers.

He is called upon to gain work for any matter regarding stone, metal, or heavy machinery. He safeguards from accidents and like all spirits can also operate negatively in any of these areas. He is the lord of war and bathes in blood, call upon him for strength and to remove obstacles, he is the one which will guarantee justice.

His colors are green and black. His day is Tuesday. His number is seven. For ordinary offerings he is fond of cigars and rum and his altar is decorated with miniature weapons and tools. He is often portrayed as a roman soldier, and some similar figure would be an appropriate altarpiece.

Ogun, Ogun, de Timbire
Ogun de mana Zambe dao Luanda
As aves cantam quando ele vem
de Aruanda
Trazendo pemba para salvar filhos
de Unbanda
Oh japones, olha as costas do mar
Oh japones, olha as costas do mar.

Ochosi is the patron of hunters, birds, and wild animals. He is an accurate killer, shape-shifter and tracker, and blood brother to Ogun. He and his fellow hunter spirits are vital to any culture that lives off the land. His colors are violet, red, green, and blue.

He is the Master of astral travel and dream-control. In Voodoo the native elementals and the spirits of dead Indians are evoked as allies. His offerings are toasted corn, palm oil, all game fowl, and corn meal.

With his arrow representing the element of air, he is called upon magically to gain alertness and perception, to triumph in legal situations, and to send an "arrow" of psychic force against enemies. As a hunter he aids in finding things lost, stolen, or desired.

Eu tenho tres flechas
Tres flechas de guine
Uma e de Ochosi
Outra e de guine
E outra e pra quem quiser.

Yemanja is the sea goddess and rules over the seas and lakes. Mother of the Orishas and of all mankind. She is patroness of fertility and the abundance of life. She is pictured as a mermaid or a woman dressed in pearls and blue robes.

Her womb is life-giver but also the place of eternal rest. Queen of the Witches and of all which lives under the sea. Her compassion is a healing force rescuing the faithful from all trouble. She rules also over the powers of regeneration.

In magick, she is called upon regarding any problem dealing with the ocean and can give great wealth from the sea, protecting those who work on it. She is ruler of all women's affairs and is patroness of women in general. She is also associated with the moon and has the attributes and gives the gifts common to moon goddesses.

Her colors are blue and white or crystal. As offerings she accepts many types of fruits, especially watermelon. For animal offerings, pigeons and live fish and crustaceans are most easily obtainable.

Sou filho do mar.
Das ondas do mar
Da espuma do mar
Minlia mae Yemanja
O, Virgem Maria,
Como es linda flor,
Celeste harmonia,
Dulcissimo amor.
Manda em nossos lares
Rinha dos mares,
Da Terra e dos Ceus,
Em risos encobres.
Maria os seus dons,
Tesouro dos pogres
Riqueza dos bons.
Manda em nossos lares
Rainha dos mares,
Da Terra o dos Ceus.

The Orishas are probably best understood by observing the forces of nature they rule over. For instance, you can learn much about Oshun and her children by watching the rivers and streams she rules over and observing that though she always heads toward her sister Yemanja (the Sea) she does so on her own circuitous route. Also observe how the babbling brook and the flash flood reflect her changeable moods. As you observe the Orishas at work in the world and in your own lives you will gain a better understanding of them and their ways.

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