Voodoo Magick Box - Model II

 ( Voodoo Magick Box 2 )

Voodoo Magick Box ][ : Now two people can enjoy the Voodoo Magick Box simultaneously. With two sets of ear-clips and two independent power controls, each user can adjust the Magick Box ][ to their own desired level of stimulation. Great for the bedroom or the club, connect with others like never before! Makes a great gift for your lover.

Two independent precision power level controls
Two pairs of 6' ear-clips
Dual flashing indicator lights
Imprinted with 1 of 6 authentic Voodoo symbols
Large 3 oz. tube of ear-clip contact gel
Uses one 9 volt battery (not included) which will last months with regular use
Instruction sheet
Dimensions: 3½" x 2¼" x 1" (9.5 cm x 6 cm x 2.5 cm)

$119.95 +S&H Get It

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