Voodoo Machine Earclip Mod

-=[wizbone '02]=-

Hi. Remember me? I just got back from a long sabbatical in the The Clone's native home of Peru. Who cares, you ask? Well, no one.

You may or may not have heard of the Voodoo machine. [http://www.voodoomachine.com/] It's quite amazing and very safe, but I'm not here to tell you all about what it can do, you can move your fat little fingers across your pubic-hair-infested keyboard all on your own and learn about it.

Token disclaimer: VMB is proven safe. However, I am not a doctor, despite what my mother tells the in-laws. If you die after reading this file, or your brain leaks out of your ears, please don't come after me. I am no way responsible for any harm as a result of using this design.

If you've recently purchased one of these devices, you'll receive a tube of conductive goo, the device, and a set of earclips. Now, the signals are passed through these earclips to your brain. If, like myself, you find the earclips bothersome, you might want to make yourself a set of patented Wizbone Neck Probes. Well, it's not patented so go ahead and steal my idea.

You need the following:

    1 wire coat hanger
    1 length of tubing
    1 roll of tape
    Several sizes of heat-shrink tubing
    1 set of earclips
    2 1cm wide thin strips of conductive metal

The coat hanger can be found in your girlfriend's closet, and I found suitable tubing under the hood of an Escort in the windshield washer system.

Cut a length of wire from the coat hanger that's long enough to make a nice swooping curve from the back of one of your ears to the other. Then, cut a length of the tubing approximately the same length. Cover the hanger with the tubing and seal up the ends, either with smaller sized heatshrink or tape or whatever. You don't want any coat hanger exposed as it might become a conductor and that's not its purpose.

Now, place the pieces of metal in the earclips as shown.

              \_   /       metal strip
                \____     /
----------------| ======== 
               _/                 [note: earclips are hard to
              /                          draw in ascii]

Place the clip with the strip of metal onto an end of the coathanger with the strip of metal sticking over the edge about 2 cm or so. Then, slide a piece of heatshrink over the assembly to secure it. You should now have only the tiny strip of metal exposed with everything else covered with heatshrink.

Repeat on the other side.

Now you should have a u-shaped piece of rubberized coathanger with metal strips sticking out the ends attached to wires going to your voodoo machine.

                                            metal strip
                    |                    |
                   ()                    () -- heatshrink
                  /||  coat hanger       ||\ 
                 / || /                  || \ -- wire
                /  ||                    ||  \
               |    \\__________________// 

To use it, you place it behind you head, with the two metal strips behind your ears. This is actually quite a good design as it touches your skull, which is described as an ideal way to have the signals passed through your brain.

Enjoy, and if you don't like it, this design keeps the earclips intact allowing you to disassemble it without ruining them.

[PS - I wrote this entire file while using the voodoo machine. I feel so good.]

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