Review of 'VoodooMagickBox'

Many science fiction writers, hackers, and techies have discussed the future as a place where wetware technology is prevalent in our lives. One idea that floats around in these circles is that of "digital drugs". A person, sometimes a habitual drug user, would have a piece of small computer hardware which they would hook up to a part of their body, and instantly endure affects - head rush, body high, feelings of ecstasy. The digital drug wouldn't have any negative side effects, long-term brain damage, or even contain traces of itself in the users body... albeit the perfect drug.

Of course we all know this type of sci-fi technology couldn't possibly exist today, right? Think again, because VoodooMagickBox does just that! The first time I was told about this piece of technology, I was a little bit skeptical. I asked myself: "This little box is going to make me feel like I've had two martinis, or some narcotic? No way!" Well my friends, those claims are completely true.

The Experience...

When I was originally handed the VoodooMagickBox, I was told that I would need to dabble a small amount of electro-gel on to two ear clips that were attached to a wire that went directly into the box. Then I was told to place the two clips on my ears and slowly turn the knob on the box until I felt a small resistance. I proceeded to follow the instructions. Slowly I turned the knob, and within 30-45 seconds I knew something was happening because everything around me appeared to be breathing. This "breathing" could be described (by some) as a "mini-hallucination".

Shortly after the hallucination started, I noticed small bursts of light in my peripheral vision, followed by a feeling of happiness. The happiness can only be described as the same feeling one would get if they drank a glass of strong wine, a couple of martinis, or even smoked marijuana. After approximately 15 minutes, I decided to take the ear clips off and stand up to see if I'd still feel "high". Walking was a somewhat difficult task at first, as my balance felt a bit off and I was still hallucinating and seeing bursts of light from the sides of my eyes. Shortly after, the visual affects wore off, but I still had an ecstasy-like feeling coming over me. For two days I was happier than usual, and didn't feel any anxiety; something I've been unsuccessfully trying to deal with my entire life. With the continued use with VoodooMagickBox, I can honestly say it helped the minor anxiety disappear, which is something I never expected to happen from using this box! The perfectly safe, legal, recreational digital drug? Hell yeah!

I've recommended it to all my friends and they too have told me they have the same great trips from it. Now I recommend it to you. Has this story made you curious? If so, I suggest purchasing Voodoo Magick Box. Thank you for reading my review, and I hope you enjoy this incredible product as much as I have!

- The Clone, 2002-08

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