Voodoo Magick Box Brain-Wave Goggles

The Voodoo Magick Box (VMB) operates at 0.5 Hz (1 pulse every 2 seconds). This falls in the Delta range of brain-wave frequencies (0.1-3 Hz). The Delta range is related to deep sleep, lucid dreaming, increased immune functions, and hypnosis. By augmenting the electro-therapeutic effects of the VMB with light therapy operating at the same 0.5 Hz frequency, these effects should be more pronounced.


  • Goggles (cheap sunglasses or other suitable eyewear)
  • LEDs (quantity and color are entirely up to you; I used 1 blue LED per eye)
  • wire (double strand; headphone wire will work well)
  • 1/8" mono plug (optional)
  • 1/8" jack (optional)


Note: For the sake of clarity the mono plug and jack have been omitted from this diagram.


All that is required for this modification is to tap into the existing LEDs on the Voodoo Magick Box and wire them to the LEDs in your goggles. This hack can be approached several different ways. I've used a headphone jack to make the installation tidy and removable. Since the LEDs on the box flash in an alternating pattern, I've also cross-wired each LED in the goggles to both LED outputs on the box so that both LEDs on the goggles flash with every 'beat' of the box's output.

  1. Drill holes in the lenses of your goggles to fit the LEDs.
  2. Mount the LEDs and wire their positive sides to one strand of wire and their negative leads to the other.
  3. Attach your headphone plug to the wire.
  4. Open your Voodoo Magick Box and find a suitable location to mount your headphone jack. Drill a hole and mount it.
  5. Wire both positive leads from the box's LEDs to one terminal on the headphone jack and wire the negative leads to the other.
  6. Test it all as you go to ensure you've got all those polarities correct, then solder up your connections and reassemble the box.


For Sleep: CES's 0.5 Hz frequency falls right in the Delta range of brain-wave frequencies (0.1-3 Hz). The Delta range is the frequency our brain operates at during deep sleep and may also be used to induce lucid dreaming, hypnosis, and to increase immune functions. Since CES is already effective for treating and curing insomnia, I hypothesize that reinforcing its effects with the visual stimulus of flashing lights as used in brain-wave machines should result in an even more effective and fast-acting method of sleep induction.

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