Telepresence Bi-Autoerotic Intercourse:

  • Remember that scene in the movie Strange Days where the killer used some bizarre futuristic neural recorder technology to transmit what he saw and felt to his victim as he raped and killed her? So from her perspective it was like she was raping and killing herself, and getting-off on the act. Well, there won't be any rape or killing here, but I realized I had all the gear kicking around to do something similar to this. Using a Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display and a miniature video camera, a person can see themself having sex from their partners' perspective. Telepresence Bi-Autoerotic Intercourse... phuck yourself.

The Gear:

  • Head Mounted Display (HMD): Philips/Magnavox Scuba Virtual Immersion Visor and Control Box were used
  • Miniature Video Camera with power supply
  • Goggles: safety glasses, ski goggles, or similar eyewear
  • 6' (or longer) RCA video extension cable and power extension cord if needed
  • A willing partner

Gettin' it Together:

  • This is a simple concept so hook-up is easy.
  • Mount the miniature video camera to the goggles you've selected. Mounting technique will vary depending on the camera and goggles being used. The camera can be tied on with wire, or drill mounting holes and attach it with small bolts or stand-offs.
  • Connect the HMD and the video camera to the control box as shown in the wiring diagram below. Use the RCA extension cable to connect the video camera so that you have enough reach. You will likely need to use extension cords too, as the power supply cords aren't always long enough. If your camera has audio you can hook that up too for an altered aural experience. Hook-up will vary depending on the HMD and video camera being used. This is one method.
  • [ Wiring Diagram ]

  • Get comfortable in your gear and keep the lights on. Obviously you will need them on for sex like this.
  • The cyberpunk porno look is certainly interesting. Cyborgs (and people who love cyborgs) should find it a turn-on.

The Experience:

  • Foremost, the sensation of telepresence when viewed through an HMD is quite mind-blowing. It's as if you have left your body. The disembodied feeling is further complicated upon seeing oneself from another person's perspective. When the camera wearer holds their arms out and starts coming at you, and touching you, ones mind really takes a twist. The other persons arms seem like your own, and suddenly you feel very vulnerable and trapped, it's like assaulting yourself and you can do nothing about it. Very disorienting. Don't get me wrong, it is great fun and great entertainment.
  • This gear has become a favorite at Hack Canada parties. We've even mounted camera and transmitter on a Remote Control vehicle and driven around the neighborhood watching through the HMD. Amazing fun! Or we'll take each other on little adventures around the room from a "bugs-eye" view or hold the camera up and fly it around the room. It can get quite nauseating, but it is always intriguing and very thrilling. Possibilities abound! One of our favorite pranks for new users is to pick up a pair of scissors or a knife and stab it towards the lens of the camera. The HMD wearer gets the impression that they are trying to stab themself in the eye and reactions are usually quite aggressive, involuntary, and highly amusing. And of course, drugs and alcohol serve to heighten the experience further.
  • Anyway, back to the sexual experience. Holding the Camera and viewing from a variety of disembodied third person perspectives is very stimulating and unique. Many intriguing variations are possible and it makes for good foreplay since regular forms of foreplay are restricted by the bulkiness of the HMD. Now, as far as how stimulating you will find all of this depends largely on your intellectual openess and your level of priggishness.
  • Beyond what has already been said, really, you've just got to try telepresence of any kind for yourself to really understand. And for anyone truly interested in exploring new realms of human experience, well, the ladies just won't get it until they've seen themselves giving it to themselves and the fellas perspective on things just may change after seeing themselves shooting a load at themselves. Errr, yeah.

The Future:

  • Videotaped sessions from your own perspective (or someone elses) for later solo enjoyment is likely the best interactive and immersive porno that is readily and economically achievable.
  • Miniaturization of the equipment involved would be desirable (particularly the HMD). Less obtrusive gear will allow for a more immersive experience and greater freedom of movement. Very low-profile HMD's are presently available for around $500 US. Wireless would be nice too for complete freedom of movement.
  • Network enabling the technology is feasible. This would obviously reduce the act to solo physical interaction. Masturbation with an interesting visual twist. Several simultaneous users would mix it up too.
  • Dual-mode configuration where both partners are fitted with an HMD and miniature video camera is also an option. Each partner seeing the act from one anothers perspective. Mounting a camera to each HMD and cross connecting their outputs as shown in the wiring diagram below is a simple matter.
  • [ Dual-mode Configuration Wiring Diagram ]


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