By Dr. Marcus Driver

Movie by Slap Maxwell

Nothing is so permeating in American culture as sports. We are exposed to competition based physical struggles for dominance (a.k.a. athletics) from the cradle to the grave. Is this phenomena a manifestation of normal evolutionary needs for hierarchy, alpha males, and social order, or a skillfully crafted campaign of control and diversion by the ruling elite (the true alpha humans)? Evidence seems to suggest that the secret government has, once again, found a mechanism that pits our own human nature against ourselves, and provides the ruling class with a means of population division, diversion, and complete dominance of a large sector of U.S. Citizens (who in turn oppress the remaining citizens unconvinced by the frivolities of sports) through a demented form of postmodern tribalism.

The "Jocking of America" is a five pronged program that begins as social skills start developing and ends shortly before death, as truth realization is finally reached.

On the surface youth sports such as T-ball, Little League, Soccer, etc. seem quite innocent, enriching activities for children to meet other children and gain some of the benefits of physical exercise. But a deeper look into the vectors by which these children interact give us a better look at the ruling elite's plans for us. Children are brought together under a theme of competition. They want to "win" and feel "good." "Losing" is akin to failure and disappointment in front of jeering crowds. With stakes riding so high on young minds, competition becomes a means of survival for individual ego. The Need To Dominate begins (which we will later see is the undoing of the individual).

Children are taken from the natural and rightful dominance of parents and placed in a new environment where a "coach", (who is usually a stranger) dictates every action, thought, and philosophy of a child. Through the introduction of this "Third Party" dominance, children become used to having strangers in places of authority dictate actions, and thus will follow any orders handed down from self-appointed "coaches" unflinchingly and enthusiastically. Even worse than the ability for "coaches" to control, is a new behavior pattern created that makes children want to please authority figures, which, of course, is the end goal of all these programs.

Also beginning here is the creation of artificial group identity, a subject discussed in the next section.

Behind the glitz of forced attendance "pep rallies" and school sanctioned football games, lies perhaps the deadliest link in this method of population control through sports: the creation of artificial group identity and the beginning of blind nationalistic allegiance (not to be confused with patriotism - which is an allegiance to ideals). Students are arbitrarily sent to a school based on geographic boundaries set by local government (much like citizens of the world arbitrarily live in various countries according to places of birth). Yet within each school there is created an artificial need known as "school spirit" which would make students believe that the school they went to by geographic accident is somehow superior (dominating) to neighboring schools. Identity is so fused into young, passionate minds that there is both organized violence (sports) and un-organized violence (vandalism/mascot mutilation/assault) committed in the name of "school spirit", an arbitrary emotion evoked for the purpose of control and division.

Also cemented in High School sports is a baseless belief in male dominance. Women are subjugated in two basic ways. As "cheerleaders" they are far from leaders. They stand on the sidelines of a field (as if they are to stay on the "sidelines" of life) in sexually suggestive clothing and "cheer" the male aggression atrocity happening before them, proving to all onlookers (and themselves) that they personally are not capable of taking control of a situation; they can just serve as tools to further sexual frustration of onlookers (creating a tension released as "team loyalty") and "cheer" as males destroy each other.

The second way women are subjugated are through the ridicule of those who do attempt to become "athletes". Women's teams do not receive nearly as much respect as males' teams. To many, women's' sports don't seem like "the real thing." Realizing this, those brave women who foolishly take the bait of the ruling elite and attempt to surpass the expectations of their peers are cruelly beaten down to a level that the secret government is comfortable with.

High school sports create a set of false ideals and bogus "goals". It says, "this aggressive, arrogant, belligerent, large male is the archetypal male. See how he is rewarded?" And rewarded he is with affection from the opposite sex, approval from peers, and money to further his sports career in college. It creates the previously mentioned twisted idea of "womanhood" as well, which is discussed above. More important than enforced sexual stereotypes is the general "goal" that states that physical greatness surpasses mental greatness. Mental greatness is something reserved for the "coaches" (or generals or bosses or whatever "Third Party" authority figure is attempting to control). Members of the working and poverty classes are spoon-fed the lie, "give up personal betterment. Give up mental pursuits. They will get you nowhere. Sports will make you rich. Sports will make you famous. Sports are the ideal." And sadly, many believe the Great Sports Lie.

Sports at the collegiate level has crossed the line of subliminal induction and has moved into the realm of obvious control. College, a supposedly "intellectual" pursuit, is more accurately characterized as an indoctrination center, stressing violent competition (sports), nationalism (school spirit), self destruction (alcohol abuse and sexual promiscuity), and worship of the elite class (fraternities, sororities, athletes), traits which set individuals up for a lifetime of subservience and unhappiness. For many, college is a time when offspring are first permanently separated from parental control, and thus, are easy targets for sembalences of authority designed to further brainwash future generations. From the second one enters any college campus, they are bombarded, nay, assaulted by violent imagery of the respective sports teams in such a blanketing, all-encompassing way that even Goebbels would be proud of.

And to further prove that colleges are no longer centers of academia, one has to only look at recent cutbacks in university budgets. Every day we hear of some scholarly department closing down for lack of funding, or the cessation of certain programs due to cuts. You will be hard pressed to find a college basketball team dealt the harsh reality of a budget cut (even though collegiate athletics sap more "intellectual" money than any department would ever get). Do not be fooled by false statistics: College sports lose money.

To continue along to the next stage of "Sportswashing", we must only look to any small town's "bush-league" teams. With the exception of people playing as a hobby, amateur sports (while providing entertainment/escape/bonding for townspeople) is probably the most destructive regimen dished out to any athlete. Knowing that professional sports become harder to enter with each passing season (even harder now that America is now sending scouting tentacles around the entire world), the athlete must come to terms that he/she has chosen a course in life that will bear no fruit, save a few hours of physical activity in the evenings. Their bodies are ravaged and prematurely aged, and take more and more abuse with each hopeless game. This in turn leads to self destructive behavior, sometimes resulting in suicide.

Because it is the most far reaching, most impacting point of the five armed sports conspiracy, the most nefarious level of sports is the top level - "Professional Sports". Feigning importance, national sports has its own place in the mainstream media (Sports sections), and even has its own media propaganda wing (ESPN, The Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, etc.). With such far reaching probes, it is a small wonder the American public has fallen victim to "The Big Lie."

The ruling elite has the common person so caught up in sports and all its nuances (statistics, betting, etc.), that the common person sees no reason the scrutinize and evaluate the corrupt reality that governs day to day life. If people spent as much time going over the budget for the Pentagon as they did third down conversion statistics for home teams in the second quarter during an odd numbered year on natural grass in the rain two months after a near presidential assassination, this country would be filled with responsible, socially conscious individuals instead of impotently yelling, racist, overweight, armchair quarterbacks who still perceive Communism as a viable threat. It appears cheering for trained gorillas in colorful uniforms has more appeal than effectively taking steps to improving one's own life.

Sports further serves to divide citizens by geographic region, creating false terms for conflict and even causing actual physical rioting. Our own hopes and fears are extrapolated and projected onto overpaid goons who "represent" our town, but the chance that any individual player was born, or ever lived in a town he/she "represents" is almost zero. Loyalty to that town is also almost zero when a sweet deal comes around. We are being cheated on all fronts, and the members of the sports elite just get richer and richer.

Even merchandising itself serves as indoctrination. One cannot walk down any street in America without seeing sports imagery everywhere, proving how entrenched the propaganda is. The imagery of professional sports is so strong that violent street gangs "adopt" a certain team and murder members of other "teams". This is surely seen as a victory for the sports conspiracy, which has created an environment where the populace murders each other to obtain elite produced goods.

Most damaging, however, is sports figures effect on the youth of America. Children are shown that physical prowess and violent conflict, not mental fortitude and personal moral strength, are ideals to be emulated. What happens when these "idols" are revealed to our children as the lecherous drug addicts they obviously are? Is this the message we want to send our kids? That steroids, amphetamines, and uncontrollable fornication are acceptable, if not admirable traits to be emulated and integrated by the next generation? Your humble author thinks not.


What the entire Sports conspiracy boils down to is diversion. What bread and circuses were to the Romans, the World Series is to Americans. How many assassinations are scheduled on the same day as the Super Bowl? Even if the media wasn't the puppet of the ruling elite, do you think they would go out of their way to report the real news?

I do not want to leave you with a feeling of hopelessness, as this is what the power elite wants. You should feel empowered by this new knowledge. We can break the cycle. We can stop the Sports Conspiracy dead in its tracks. We just have to care enough to speak and live the truth.


[From the former - R.I.P.]

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