Why shouldn't I make the six-month comittment to TELUS PLAnet's™ RADSL service? Back
March 18, 1998, SmartNet ADSL FAQ

While there are many things about TELUS' offering that look good on the surface, closer examination reveals some reasons why you might not want to make a six-month comittment (TELUS requires a six-month comittment when you sign up for RADSL with TELUS PLAnet™) to TELUS PLAnet's™ RADSL service (TPA for short).

  1. TPA uses what are called private IP addresses. This acts as a type of firewall and may cause incompatibilities with some applications.
  2. In our opinion, TPA has imposed a severe limit on their TELUS PLAnet™ Extreme accounts (The account aimed at a regular residential user). This limit states that you can only upload 200MB of data to the Internet each month. Additionally, they have limited downloads to only 5GB.
  3. TPA will not allow you to run an email, web, ftp or any other server scenario.
  4. The fastest download speed they offer is 2.5MBPS.
  5. When you sign up with TPA you are subject to their access account agreement. If you read this document, you will find that this agreement gives TELUS some interesting rights. To quote specifically: "33. Copyrighted material may not be uploaded with the permission of the owner(s) or person(s) they specifically authorize. If you place information, software or any other content in a public area, by doing so, you agree that you have thereby granted TELUS a license to copy, distribute, edit, delete, publish and translate such content to the extent required: a) to provide the TELUS PLAnet™ service to you, and b) to modify the content where such content breaches the terms of this Agreement." Please note that the bold emphasis was added by the author of this FAQ and does not appear in the original contract.