Back Orifice security alert at TELUS PLAnet Internet Back

Back Orifice is a program which, if run on your computer, gives other Internet users complete control of your computer. They can copy and delete files, change files, obtain passwords and capture your keystrokes as you use your computer on the Internet.

This type of program is called a "Trojan Horse." It masquerades as a beneficial or useful program, but when it is run, it damages files, plants a virus or compromises the security of the computer.

A number of TELUS PLAnet customers are known to have received this program. In at least one case, Back Orifice was sent to some TELUS PLAnet customers in an E-mail with the subject "speed fix," claiming that the attached file would speed up the user's modem. If users opened the attachment, in many cases simply by clicking on it, Back Orifice would install itself on their PC. Back Orifice only infects computers using Windows 95 or 98. Macintoshes and computers using Windows NT or Windows 3 will not be infected by it.

If you believe you may have activated Back Orifice, you should take the following steps.

Download a compressed file from CBSoftSolutions which can detect and neutralize Back Orifice.

You will need a decompression program to unzip the file. You can download one from That page also has instructions on downloading files.

For more information about Back Orifice, you can consult the Info on Back Orifice page at Symantec's anti-virus site.

Important Notes

Telus, August 1998